Total Body Sculpt Workout Series: 11 Different Home Exercise Routines: 40-Minute Full Length Videos

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Hi Everyone!

Below you will find my Body Sculpt Workout Series. This is a series of eleven different Home Workouts that are 40-Minutes long. Each workout is a Full Body Workout Routine. This has been one of my favorite workout series thus far, and I plan on adding to it over the next couple of months.

Most of these workouts require no equipment, and workout #9 and #11 incorporate dumbbells.

This series that leads up to my 6-Week Body Sculpt and 1-Mile Run Challenge series, which you can find here:


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Workout 1: Total Body Sculpt #1

Workout 2: Total Body Sculpt #2

Workout 3: Full Body Cardio Burn

Workout 4: Great Results: No Equipment

Workout 5:

Workout 6:

Workout 7:

Workout 8: Cardio, Arms, Legs and Butt

Workout 9: Standing Home Workout

Workout 10: No Equipment Cardio, Arms, Legs, Core and Butt Exercises

Workout 11: Total Body Sculpt with Dumbbells

Ready to Move to the 6-Week Fit and Fun Summer Workout + Mile Run Challenge:

4 thoughts on “Total Body Sculpt Workout Series: 11 Different Home Exercise Routines: 40-Minute Full Length Videos

  1. Sara

    This is my 3rd or 4th time going through this workout series. The first time I did was last summer when you put it up. Love this. This time around I’m doing these workouts every other day and putting in your fat burning/HITT workouts in. I’m excited to see what results I have at the end. Thank you Melissa for all that you do.

  2. Andria

    I have been loving this series. I feel like everything gets perfectly worked and I feel so good afterwards! I did #8 yesterday and #15 a few days before that. Thank you for these amazing workouts!

  3. Anonymous

    I looooove this series so much!
    If I want weights, there is a weight option, if I want a lot of cardio,I jump rope . Lately I’m struggling to get in a decent warm up but I use the first 5-10 minutes as my warm up. It’s perfect.
    Thank you

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