Abs on Fire: 10-Minute HIIT Core Workout – No Equipment

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout! Today we are focused on building a stronger Core. We are combining exercises that work the core from every angle with cardio bursts to maximize the burn and efficiency of this quick workout.

I’m a big fan of core workouts, because they support your strength, posture and balance. The benefits of a good core routine go beyond the aesthetics of visible ab definition and help improve functional mobility and quality of life. One of the main benefits is that a balanced core routine can help reduce back pain (along with some good exercises to strengthen the glutes and help develop good pelvic position.)

While I do like seeing visible ab definition on my body that isn’t the main reason I do core exercises. I do core exercises to keep myself strong, healthy and as pain free as possible. I’m looking at the present moment, while also training for the future.

HIIT the ReBoot: Re-filming my NPC Bikini Competition Prep Workout Series

Exercise Demonstration: High Knees Toe Touch.

Today’s workout is actually the tenth workout I have filmed in my Bikini Competition Prep: HIIT the ReBoot Workout series. I’m re-filming workouts that I originally did a decade ago when I was prepping for my first NPC competition. You can find the original workout series here: https://www.benderfitness.com/bikini-competition-workouts-12-week-program.

It has been both fun and challenging to re-visit this series. It’s always been one of my favorites, because I felt amazing, fast, strong and healthy throughout the 12-weeks of filming these workouts. Member’s of my subscription site have access to all of the new videos I’ve filmed so far, plus my new Confidence Series Workouts, Fit at Home Season 1 and Fit at Home Season 2 workouts.

There are new challenges that I didn’t face the first time around when I filmed this series. My work schedule is more challenging, I have two kids now which limits my time, and my kids are both in extra curricular activities so it’s a lot trickier to fit in my workouts. That said, I’m still feeling stronger and healthier, even though re-filming the series is a bit more spread out than the original schedule was.

Have fun today! Let me know if you have a favorite exercise! I really liked the Ab Angel, even though it made me feel like my muscles were on fire.

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The Workout:

I recommend doing 2-3 Rounds of this workout and pairing it with 20-30 minutes cardio of choice. *Remember, one round counts! If that’s all you have time for today get in one great round. Consistency is the most useful tool you have to developing a more healthy and fit lifestyle. 

  1. Mountain Climber
  2. Leg/Hip Lift
  3. High Knees Toe Tap
  4. Ab Angel
  5. Mountain Climber
  6. Tricep Leg Lift
  7. High Knees Toe Tap
  8. Russian Twist
  9. Mountain Climber
  10. Rotating Side Plank Leg Lift

Repeat 1-3X

Exercise Demonstration: Ab Angel

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