10 Week BodyRock Boot Camp Workouts


Hi Everyone!

I have compiled all 10-Weeks of my BodyRock.tv Workout Schedules below for easy access to the full workout series. I filmed 10 Workouts for BodyRock and many people started asking how to incorporate these workouts into their routine.

To make it easy for everyone, I created suggested Weekly Workout schedules that incorporated each BodyRock workout. You can adjust the schedule to fit your routine, or incorporate these workouts into your normal workout schedule.

You should aim to have 1-2 Rest Days per week. Your body recovers and makes strength gains during rest days. Always listen to your body. Push yourself during each workout, and rest as needed. If you want to share your progress story or photos you can comment below, or tag me in your photos on Instagram or Facebook. I recommend marking each workout & the number of times you went through it on a calendar or in a journal so you have a visual cue to show your consistency.

During the next 10-Weeks try to focus on not only your physical gains, but also your strength & fitness. Health is more than just physical fitness and achieving a certain aesthetic. Health also incorporates appreciation for everything your body is capable. Remember, whatever your starting point, every time you workout you are making yourself stronger. If you need to modify some of the moves, or take more frequent rest breaks, that’s okay! Push yourself & stay consistent, and you will see changes!

Have fun & let me know how you like the workout series! Click on each link for the list of that week’s workouts.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

26 thoughts on “10 Week BodyRock Boot Camp Workouts

    • benderfitness

      I just tried them and they are working for me. You can also use the search bar to the left, or click on the category “BodyRock” and the workouts should show up.

  1. Hello! I just found your website through Pinterest while searching for a program to lose fat and get into a bikini contest shape (My hubby dared me to participate in one 😉 Can I incorporate the Boot Camp? The nutrition part I have, is the gym/workout the one I’m struggling with. I train for triathlons, but not losing much fat (as endurance makes you very efficient in “saving” energy for long distances). Oh, And congrats on your double achievement!

    • benderfitness

      Dumbbells, a bar bell (you can use dumbbells if you don’t have the bar), and a chair, bench or something sturdy to step up onto. I use a weighted vest in some of the videos, but if you don’t have it that’s okay, just focus on really pushing to get in as many reps as you can.

  2. Hi Melissa!!! I have been loving your workouts for years now. During the past couple of months I have been more consistent and was on week 8 of your 10 week challenge. I was noticing a lot of progress in my strength and my body.
    But I was playing volleyball and injured my MCL (left knee), have been out of my normal routine for 3 weeks now. Which means I haven’t been able to follow your workouts.
    I would like to know, now that my doctor said I could start working out again, which of your workouts should I follow to start back again?
    Thank you!!!

  3. Elena

    Hey, Melissa! I’m goin to start this week with this program but I have a question: Does this exercises help to get a bigger butt or it reduces it? Because my goal is to gain more butt and have it in shape, so I don’t know what kind of exercises I should to reach my goal!

  4. Dana

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful workouts with the rest of the world for free! What a gift! They are so much fun; I look forward to working out everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Hi Melissa. I am starting week 9 and I am feeling strong. Day one workout is a killer! I did it twice though I switched to high knees the second time around! Legs are a little sore for yesterday’s day 7 workout so I am glad to be doing abs and arms today!

  6. Denise Fierro

    Hi there Melissa!!!! Sad to say it’s been some time that I have done your workouts. I love them. Sometimes life gets in the way. Starting back up! Excited. Pretty tough work outs. I was reviewing the first week, first work out… Oh my the burps lol. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PRECIOUS BABY! Now time to get this started. Thank you so much for what you do.

  7. Hey Melissa! I am struggling in one area. I cant hike! This sounds so dumb but I feel bad holding everybody back or only making it half way up the mountain. Asthma and allergies are a huge factor so I need to build cardio strength and lung strength. I have been looking through your site and came across this 10 week program. So here is my question… will the program do the trick alone or should I incorporate other routines in as well? Any advice you have would be great. I really appreciate your help getting me up the mountains!

  8. Patricia

    Hi Melissa! I’m a mom of a 3 year old and a 1 year old, I’m trying to get back in to shape but not sure where to start.
    Is it a good idea to start here with the 10 week boot camp? I would really appreciate your help guiding me where to start
    Thank you Melissa.

  9. As a 64 year old male golf professional in good shape ( 6 feet tall, 175 lbs.) would this be a good workout program for me or would you suggest another? I currently do cardio (stair master, freestrider) and some type of strengthening 5 to 6 days per week.
    I have been doing Christine Khuri and Rebecca Louis workouts and was impressed with your 4 minute plank challenge today.

  10. Sara G

    I am on week 4 of your 10 week program and have already noticed a difference in my fitness and some changes to my body. It’s amazing.
    Thank you Melissa! I love your workouts and your approach.

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