BodyRock Boot Camp: Week 8 Workout Schedule

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Hi Everyone!

This is the Week 8 Workout Schedule incorporating my Boot Camp Workout. Only two more weeks of workouts left for this workout series! I hope you have all been enjoying the series, and my collaboration with the BodyRock crew.

Remember, you can choose to follow the schedule below, or incorporate this with the new workouts I will be posting this week. In my BodyRock video, I talk about the importance of listening to your body and recognizing signs of overtraining. During this workout schedule (or any workouts schedule I post) you can adjust the schedule to your own needs.

Listen to your body, take rest as needed, and work at your own pace. The goal is to challenge yourself, but also learn to be in tune with your body. Becoming more aware of your body will improve your health, fitness, and even reduce your risk of illness or injury.

Incorporating meditation into your weekly and/or daily routine is also highly beneficial for forming the mind body connection. It is a wonderful tool for stress management, and helps you understand your body’s signals and needs.

I hope you enjoy this week’s workouts!


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Week 8

Day 1: BodyRock Boot Camp-Week 8: Repeat 1-4X

Day 2: Better Booty Home Workout: Repeat 1-3X

Day 3: 10 Minute Quick HIIT Core Workout with Stability Ball: Repeat 1-4X

Day 4: 20 Minute Full Body HIIT Boot Camp: Repeat 1-3X

Day 5: Strength & Stretch Yoga or Active Rest Day

Day 6: 21 Minute Full Body Workout: Total Body Sculpting: Repeat 1-3X

Day 7: Core & Arms Workout: Quick HIIT: Repeat 1-4X


7 thoughts on “BodyRock Boot Camp: Week 8 Workout Schedule

  1. Anonymous

    I have a serious question :-). Since starting exercising, my periods are being late. My last period was 2 months ago. I’m getting often nervous along with cramps and bloating. Can you advise me before turning to a doc?

    • benderfitness

      Several things could be causing that. Other than pregnancy, missed periods are often caused by increased stress (moving, changing jobs, loss of a loved one, etc). It can also be caused by losing weight very quickly. Our bodies need a certain amount of body fat to function correctly. Hormonal changes can also cause missed periods. I think it’s always smart to talk to a doctor and get checked out when your body experiences a major change like that.

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