10 Minute Quick HIIT Core Workout with Stability Ball

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is focused on strengthening all of the muscles of your mid-section. It’s quick, one round only takes 10 minutes. You can repeat this workout to increase the intensity.

This workout uses your stomach muscles in multiple planes of motion/movement patterns to activate and strengthen your entire core. If you don’t have a stability ball most of the exercises can be performed from the ground or without equipment. For the “Ball Pull” exercise, you can substitute Froggers. The Frogger exercise is when you start in a plank position, jump your feet toward your hands, and immediately jump them back to plank. It’s a great core strengthening exercise.

The other alternative is to start in plank and slide your feet toward your hands, using your core muscles to pull them in tight, and extend them back out. This is easiest in socks on a hard wood floor so that your feet can glide while your core does the work.

I like pairing my core workouts with cardio days, so I completed this one with a run. I got in 5 miles. It was beautiful outside and it felt great to stretch my legs and enjoy the sunshine.

I hope you enjoy this workout!


Set your interval timer for 10 Rounds of 10/50.

  1. Ball V-Up
  2. Ball Pull (or Froggers)
  3. Side Knee Tap (Alternating)
  4. Over Head Reach
  5. Decline Spiderman
  6. Side Ball Lift-Right
  7. Side Ball Lift-Left
  8. Core Stretch Reach
  9. Heel Press-Right
  10. Heel Press-Left

Repeat 1-4X

Optional: Pair with 30 Minutes of Cardio


8 thoughts on “10 Minute Quick HIIT Core Workout with Stability Ball

  1. Hi Melissa, I really liked this wo. I combined with your bodyrock week 1 wo and one of your core and cardio 20 min wo. I was just wondering is there a workout schedule for this week? I really enjoy the schedules but I do like the new site and how all workouts are nicely categorized . Thank u;) your routines are fantastic

  2. Marcy

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m so thrilled I have found your site!! I love working out with you and feel like I have found someone to help me get rid of my muffin top belly. I have been in good shape my whole life and am a runner. However I have never lifted weight just done endurance type of workouts. I have recently had a baby and turned 40. I have a new small stomach pouch I can’t seem to get rid of and am hoping your videos will help me. I love that I can do them while she is napping. My husband has also gained some weight since turning 40 and our lifestyle changing with a little one so I am trying to get him to do a challenge with your videos with me. I don’t think are old way of just biking or running will keep the belly away. On top of that he is recovering from a knee replacement. I was wondering if you have a one week video challenge that would focus more on abs and arms that would be from5-10 minutes long? Thank you for your positive energy and killer workouts.

  3. Anonymous

    I find it very hard to workout with this kind of ball!!! I just bought one and I struggle with even maintaining a simple plank. Gotta repeat this one often to gain some stability and strenght.

  4. Tatyana Lime

    Many thanks, Melissa! Amazing workout, I completed 3 rounds and enjoyed it so much! Decline Spiderman is cool and very challenging for me 🙂

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