BodyRock Boot Camp: Week 9 Workout Schedule

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Hi Everyone!

This is the Week 9 Workout Schedule incorporating my workouts. I can’t believe there is only 1-Week left of my 10-Week challenge!

Remember, you can repeat each of these workouts 1-4X. You can also adjust the schedule to incorporate more rest days as needed. Listen to your body. Push yourself, and challenge yourself to grow stronger, but don’t push to the point of injury. I posted a link to an article about the benefits of rest for your muscles under Day 7 of this week’s schedule, so be sure to check that out.

I am also working on filming new workouts, and will have some brand new routines to share with everyone!

Have you been following my schedule each week, incorporating the workouts within your own fitness routine, or are you just joining me now? Let me know what you think, and how you’re feeling in the comments below! If you have progress photos tag me in them! Remember, progress can be physical, mental, emotional, or achieving a goal (like running a race or getting in more reps). All of those Non-Scale Victories count just as much as the before and after photos!

Have fun this week!

PS: I was late getting up this week’s schedule (I’m sorry!!!) The new (Week 10) schedule will be posted tomorrow.

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Day 1: Plank, Push-up & Burpee Burn

Day 2: 16 Great Full Body Workout-No Equipment

Day 3: Back Strength & Stretch

Day 4: 15 Minute HIIT Burn Workout: Body Weight

Day 5: Stretch & Lean Yoga Flow or Active Rest Day

Day 6: 21 Minute HIIT-Full Body Workout

Day 7: Rest Day-Rest & Muscles


2 thoughts on “BodyRock Boot Camp: Week 9 Workout Schedule

  1. Melissa, thank you for the wonderful workouts you put together for us. I’ve been having trouble getting my waist small, let me tell you about myself, hope you can help. I’m 55 year old woman and Ive being working out most of my life, I used to be a trainer myself, I’m a rock climber, love the outdoors n used to be very active. . I now have a desk job n look like ever since I cannot loose some fat I have around my hips towards my back. I workout everyday at 4:00 am with you which I love, I’m vegetarian and i eat very clean, sometimes too clean 🙂 you are incredibly strong and look phenomenal, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, Angela .

  2. Chelsea

    Thank you for your workouts and your love for healthy living! Such an inspiration to me and to others. Also, thanks to Jesse too! Y’all are the true definition of a power couple!

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