Bikini Prep/Body Sculpt Challenge: Workout 9: Back Strength and Stretch

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout has two sections: Strengthening and Stretching. This is a workout for your back. It is important to maintain back strength as a balance to your abdominal strength. It will also help you maintain form for all exercises that you perform. It is equally important to maintain back flexibility.

In this video I demonstrate some basic back strengthening exercises with dumbbells. I have also included my pull up video. Exercise number one in this workout is pull ups. Pull ups are my favorite exercise for back strengthening. If you are reading this and thinking “I will never be able to do that” think again. From the time I turned 12 I believed that I couldn’t do a pull up. I started doing Bender Fitness workouts, and my friend’s husband challenged me to try a pull up. I told him that I couldn’t do it, but I tried anyway. Much to my own shock I succeeded. 

You will get there with consistency and practice. 

Enjoy the workout!

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Repeat 1-4X

1. Pull Ups
2. Bent Over Row
3. Bent Over Fly
4. Back Extensions or Supermans
5. Leg Extension or Prone Heel Tap
6. Deadlift

1. Up/Down Dog
2. Pelvic Tilt
3. Knee to Chest and Extend (right)
4. Knee to Chest and Extend (left)
5. Twist (right)
6. Twist (left)
Foam Roll

Building to a Pull-Up:

4 thoughts on “Bikini Prep/Body Sculpt Challenge: Workout 9: Back Strength and Stretch

  1. Sharon Wilson

    Hi! I was just wondering what you recommend to do in place of back extension/supermans and leg extension/heel taps for someone who is pregnant. I am only 15 weeks along and could technically lay on my stomach, but I wouldn’t be comfortable, plus it would be good to know for further down the road when my belly is bigger! I already do deadlifts, but would love another exercise or two on top of that to work back/leg extension. Thank you!

  2. Love your blog and am following your bikini challenge for the first time 🙂 quick couple of you workout 6 on with 1 rest day or are you taking two rest days? also did you add any cardio to workout shown above?? Thanks so much!

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