Total Body Sculpt #2: No Equipment Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

I have a fantastic 40-Minute Total Body Workout for you today. This No Equipment Exercise Routine will work and strengthen your entire body.

I included a lot of fun and unique exercises in this workout that I think you are going to enjoy. You can find the full length workout video and photo tutorial for each exercise below.

Before each exercise we are doing a Cardio Burst. I chose marching in place and high knees. You can select any form of cardio you want: Jumping Rope, Burpees, Jump Squats, Mountain Climbers. You have options. Remember to push yourself during the workout. Your intensity level matters. It should be challenging for you.

Jumping Rope is always a great cardio option.


A great fitness routine is best supported with a nutrient rich diet. We all know that eating healthy is important. I am personally finding this aspect of a healthy lifestyle very challenging right now.

Our state is under stay at home orders due to Coronavirus (as are most states and many other countries). Since I have a newborn, I haven’t been out of the house in almost two months. I haven’t seen the grocery stores first hand, but I do know Jesse hasn’t been able to find all of our normal foods and the grocery delivery services have long wait times (sometimes a week or more to get a delivery).

My point in sharing this is to remind you that this is a unique time in life and history. Things are crazy. If your nutrition is off it’s normal routine or a struggle right now, you’re not the only one. Do what you can, keep your body moving, and try not to stress more than you have too.

We normally eat tons of fresh produce, but frozen fruits and vegetables are a great and nutritious option. Our freezer isn’t very big, so we are doing our best with the space we have.

Mental Health

Right now, with all the additional stresses in the world, it’s very important to focus on your mental health. Check in with yourself, check in with your friends. Being isolated can be very difficult. Having sick friends and family is even harder.

I find that exercise and meditation are two techniques that have a huge impact on my mental and emotional health. Pay attention to what works for you. We are all in this together.

Have fun with today’s workout, and let me know what you think of the new routine!


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28 Rounds of 30/50

  1. In/Out Squats
  2. Curtsy Lunge Kick-Right
  3. Curtsy Lunge Kick-Left
  4. Kneeling Double Kickback-Right
  5. Kneeling Double Kickback-Left
  6. Leg/Hip Lift (Heel Slide Modification)
  7. Side V-Up-Right
  8. Side V-Up-Left
  9. Reverse Plank Butt Tap
  10. Rock the Boat
  11. Table Top Tricep Dip
  12. Locust Arm Series
  13. Down Dog Pushups
  14. Crescent Lunge Arm Series-Right
  15. Crescent Lunge Arm Series-Left
  16. Crab Toe Touch (Alternating)
  17. Side Lying Knee Tap to Back Leg Reach-Right
  18. Side Lying Knee Tap to Back Leg Reach-Left
  19. Side Lying Back Angled Leg Reach-Right
  20. Side Lying Back Angled Leg Reach-Left
  21. Side Plank Reach Through-Right
  22. Side Plank Reach Through-Left
  23. Hip Press with Knee Abduction
  24. Alternating Hip Thrust
  25. Plie
  26. Lunge Lift Elbow Tap-Right
  27. Lunge Lift Elbow Tap-Left
  28. Goddess Reach
In/Out Squat-Part 1
In/Out Squat-Part 2
Curtsy Lunge-Part 1
Curtsy Lunge Part 2
Double Kickback Part 1
Double Kick Back Part 2
Leg/Hip Lift: Part 1
Leg/Hip Lift: Part 2
Leg/Hip Lift: Part 3
Side V-UP Part 1
Side V-UP Part 2
Reverse Plank Butt Tap – Part 1
Reverse Plank Butt Tap -Part 2
Rock the Boat- Part 1
Rock the Boat- Part 2
Table Top Tricep Dip: Part 1
Table Top Tricep Dip: Part 2
Locust Arm Series: Part 1
Locust Arm Series: Part 2
Locust Arm Series: Part 3
Down Dog to Pushup: Part 1
Down Dog to Pushup: Part 2
Crescent Lunge Arm Series: Part 1
Crescent Lunge Arm Series: Part 2
Crab Toe Touch
Knee Tap to Back Reach: Part 1
Knee Tap to Back Reach: Part 2
Back Angled Leg Lift: Part 1
Back Angled Leg Lift: Part 2
Side Plank Reach Through: Part 1
Side Plank Reach Through: Part 2
Hip Press with Knee Abduction: Part 1
Hip Press with Knee Abduction: Part 2
Hip Thrust
Plie: Part 1
Plie: Part 2
Lunge Lift Elbow Tap: Part 1
Lunge Lift Elbow Tap: Part 2
Lunge Lift Elbow Tap: Part 3
Goddess Reach

11 thoughts on “Total Body Sculpt #2: No Equipment Home Workout

    • benderfitness

      For the side v-up you can do the same movement, but keep your head/torso on the floor. Just focus on lifting the feet and legs off the floor. 🙂

  1. Jeanette

    Also, can I request that you post these (and other longer videos) to a category on your website? Maybe a new catagory for 40 minute videos?
    P.S. my “baby” is almost 22 :).

    • benderfitness

      Absolutely! I have been adding them to a 40-Minute category and didn’t realize it wasn’t showing on my site. Thanks for letting me know, and I will work on getting it fixed. 🙂

  2. Tara

    13 weeks postpartum this Thursday, just finished your 6 week postpartum workout series last week and was wondering what to do this morning; this was perfect. Thanks for continuing to make videos. I know it’s so, so hard with a little bitty to accomplish anything, but you’re a rock star!

  3. Shaela Haney

    I’m so happy you are filming again! I’m loving this body sculpt series. The lunge lift knee tuck was fantastic! Thank you!

  4. Cindy fillator

    Bender fitness has always been my go to, Perfect way to start an early healthy morning before my Boyz get up. Amazing workout Melissa. Love your different varieties of exercises. Love the cardio in between each exercise. Great sweat, feeling amazing.

    Congratulations on the beautiful and precious addition, You both have a beautiful family.

    Ontario Canada

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