Total Body Sculpt: Workout #4: Great Results, No Equipment

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s Total Body Sculpt Workout. This 40-Minute Workout doesn’t require any equipment. Just grab some water, make sure you have some room to workout and you are ready to go.

Always focus on getting in maximum repetitions, and challenging yourself during the workout.

This routine was physically and mentally challenging for me. We had lots of interruptions and false starts before we were finally able to film this workout. We ended up filming the workout after dinner, and the baby was a little bit fussy.

My apologies for any wonkiness with the video. I think of it as a good reminder that a consistent workout routine doesn’t always happen under optimal conditions. Sometimes you don’t want to workout. Other times you want to workout, but life seems to get in the way. Either way, you make it a consistent part of your routine and make it happen. You won’t have your best workout every single time, but the consistency of getting in your workouts is what leads to results and improvements in your fitness level. Keep moving, and make it happen.

Meals and Nutrition:

I have been focused on making more nutritious food choices lately. That has meant more whole foods, and less processed snacks.

Tuna Salad Sandwich on Sourdough Bread. I substitute Greek Yogurt for mayo.
Baked chicken with sweet potatoes, onions, green beans and lemon zest.

My energy has been improving as I make healthier meal choices and stick to a consistent workout routine.

Have fun with today’s workout, and let me know what you think of the new routine!


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  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Heel Lift Plie
  3. Forward/Backward Lunge: Right
  4. Forward/Backward Lunge: Left
  5. Reverse Plank
  6. Speed Skater
  7. Burpees
  8. Single Leg Glute Bridge: Right
  9. Single Leg Glute Bridge: Left
  10. Beast Hydrant: Right
  11. Beast Hydrant: Left
  12. Side Plank Leg Circles: Right
  13. Side Plank Leg Circles: Left
  14. Chest Lift
  15. Cross Plank: Right
  16. Cross Plank: Left
  17. Lunge Heel Lift: Right
  18. Lunge Heel Lift: Left
  19. Forward Kick Squat: Right
  20. Forward Kick Squat: Left
  21. Sit-Thru
  22. Bear Crawls
  23. Superman Pushups
  24. Tricep Pushups: Right
  25. Tricep Pushups: Left
  26. Dive Bomber
  27. Slow Mountain Climbers
  28. Alternating Warrior III Floor Tap

12 thoughts on “Total Body Sculpt: Workout #4: Great Results, No Equipment

  1. Morgan

    Did Jesse just say “the things I do for you” to a woman who just birthed him a second beautiful child???? hahaha Better be careful buddy. Great workout. Thanks, you two.

  2. Liesl

    Hi Melissa,
    Is it ok to do these full body workouts every day? Should I break up my upper and lower body to rest certain muscles?
    Loving the 40 min. Total sweet spot!

    • benderfitness

      You can do the full body workouts daily, with 1-2 rest days per week. There is a lot of research to back doing full body compound exercise workouts. Of course, training splits is always an option.

      If you notice that your body is getting very worn out by the full body workouts, then I recommend transitioning to incorporating some of my core, glute, and arm focused workouts.

  3. Heather

    Thanks for the work out. I was feeling like a flabby slobby mess today, but I pushed through. Seeing real life in your videos (Esme whimper, cameo by Jesse), is what has kept me coming back over the years. My life is so real and knowing someone else is making it work (and very well) despite everyday challenges is encouraging. Thanks B family!

  4. Shaela

    Great series! I have enjoyed these a lot. The beast hydrant will be one I need to work on. Jesse is always a hoot. Thank you!

  5. Oana

    I am so appreciative for the effort you guys put in all these work outs! You’ve kept me going through the years, thank you.

  6. Brandy Lay

    LOVED this one!! The workouts with 30 seconds cardio are my favs because I get to jump rope. Esme was so sweet during this too, and Jesse’s cameo had me cracking up. Beast hydrants?! LOVED them. Definitely need to work on those, but I always welcome a challenge!

    Thanks for all you are doing, especially during this time. <3

  7. Amanda M [OK]

    All I have to say is …… BEAST HYDRANT That was challenging but in a good way. Thank you, team Bender, for bringing us the workout. And a special hello to Esmé.

  8. Amber

    I’m loving the 40 minute workouts. They are the perfect length of time for me to feel like I’ve pushed myself, but they still fit my schedule.

  9. Allison

    Love your workouts! My 8 year old daughter started joining in with me doing these and she loves them too! As an OT myself, I’ve had fun teaching her correct form on all of the moves! Thank you for all your great workouts 🙂

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