Fast Total Body Workout: 11-Minutes Per Round

Invisible Ladder, Unique and Fun Core Exercise for Abs
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Hello Everyone!

Grab your dumbbells for the first half of today’s workout. We are starting off strong with some lower body exercises that will also activate the muscles of your arms and back. No dumbbells? No problem, you can skip the dumbbells and do every exercise in this routine with bodyweight.

The second half of this workout focuses on strengthening your core and doesn’t require any equipment.

Exercise Tutorial for the Lower Body Movements with No Equipment (Note: I modified the knee to knee kickback for the full length video to include Warrior III): and Exercise Tutorial for the Core section of today’s workout:

*Note: I’m not sure why those links aren’t embedding, but I will work on that. They will bring you to my pinterest page, which includes many quick workout tutorials that I haven’t shared here yet.


I paired today’s workout with 30-Minutes on the treadmill. I combined two miles of incline walking (4.0 Speed and 10 Incline) plus a 1-Mile run at incline 2.

I haven’t been running at all lately. I start teaching a jogging kinesiology course next month, and I’m a large believer in practice what you preach. So I am re-incorporating running back into my routine.

Life Update:

I have been on a mission to re-build a consistent workout and filming schedule. For far too long I’ve been struggling with these aspects of my life. There comes a time when you have to accept that the craziness isn’t going to change, but you need to find a way to manage the crazy and make things happen. So that is what I’m working to do.

My focus is on filming and doing shorter workouts, because that is what fits best into my schedule right now. Trying to find time to film 40-Minute workouts just isn’t realistic for where I am right now. So you can expect to see more 10-20 Minute workouts here.

I started this website, focused on short workouts when I was in graduate school and working multiple jobs because I needed short workouts. My life has come full circle with that, and it’s time for some excellent short workouts to come back into the rotation.

Have fun with today’s workout! I filmed a Facebook Live workout that will be heading this way soon. So be sure to check back!


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The Workout:

  1. Warrior Knee to Knee Kick Back: Right
  2. Warrior Knee to Knee Kick Back: Left
  3. Plié Hop
  4. Frogger Reach
  5. Knee Drive Lunge: Right
  6. Knee Drive Lunge: Left
  7. Plank Jack
  8. Side V-Up: Right
  9. Side V-Up: Left
  10. Invisible Ladder
  11. Prone Heel Reach

5 thoughts on “Fast Total Body Workout: 11-Minutes Per Round

  1. Carolyn

    Goal was to complete one round but I liked it so much I did two! Thanks for the motivation to push thru on a Monday! Liked all the moves – favorite was the prone heel reach at the end.

  2. Jen

    I really liked this one too, felt so good I had to do 2 rounds.

    Yes the ab ladders were surprisingly challenging.

    Thank you for all that you do for so many people.

  3. Jess

    You are doing an amazing job!! Life is crazy busy and seems to never end. You are handling it with grace. Thank you for yet another awesome workout! You are much appreciated.

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