30-Minute Total Body Workout: LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training) – No Jumping, Apartment Friendly Exercises

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout! I hope you are ready for a great Total Body Exercise routine. This workout is Low Impact. That means no Plyometrics/Jumping. It’s a quiet, apartment or hotel room friendly workout routine. It’s also very effective. You can find the full length workout video, and photo tutorial for the workout below.

I worked up a great sweat during this routine, and I think you will too. If you are looking for a more intense version of today’s workout you can do High Knees or Jump Rope during the Cardio Intervals. Remember, there is always a way to modify your workouts to fit your needs.

One round of this workout will take 30-minutes. I went through it once, but if you are looking for a longer workout, you can repeat it, or pair it with another routine.

Below you will find the full length workout video and workout breakdown, as well as a photo tutorial of each exercises.

Life Update

I have been struggling to establish a consistent routine for exercise and filming. As a result, I feel like I am not at my most fit or healthy. It can be really easy to get down on yourself when things aren’t going your way and unfortunately that’s how I have been feeling.

Until I needed to go to my mother’s house and get boxes out of her attic. I’m an avid reader and I have been storing huge boxes of books that I saved since middle school and up through college. As I carried heavy box after box down two flights of stairs, outside and up the road to my parking spot I realized something. I wasn’t even out of breath. When I got home from my mom’s house my husband was picking our son up from karate so I unloaded the car and carried everything in by myself with no problems. The next day I wasn’t even sore.

That experience was the exact reminder that I needed. I don’t work out to look a certain way, I work out to be strong, healthy and ready to be present and participate in my life. And even though I might not be at my strongest or fastest at this moment in time, I am incredibly healthy and able to participate in my life without limitations.

The last time I moved those boxes of books I was in my 20s, I had help, and I remember it being exhausting. This time, I did it alone and handled it easily. If you get down on yourself for being in a part of your life where consistency is challenging just do your best. Then remind yourself that all of the work you’ve put in has made you stronger, healthier and more capable. Recognize what you are able to do and how your life has improved functionally and keep moving forward.

I hope you have fun with today’s workout routine! Let me know what you think, how you feel, and if you’re willing to share: one way that exercise has helped you to improve your life, function or capabilities.


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The Workout:

  1. Low Impact Burpee
  2. Pendulum Squat
  3. Runners Lunge Pulse – Right
  4. Runner’s Lunge Pulse – Left
  5. Crunch and Tap
  6. Heel Tap Leg Lift
  7. Side Plank Reach – Right
  8. Side Plank Reach – Left
  9. Hip Tap – Right
  10. Hip Tap – Left
  11. Leg Series – Right
  12. Leg Series – Left
  13. Elevated Leg Adduction – Right
  14. Elevated Leg Adduction – Left
  15. Sumo Push-up 
  16. Triceps Push-up – Right
  17. Triceps Push-up – Left
  18. Reverse Plank Step Out
  19. Hip Thrust – Right
  20. Hip Thrust – Left

Repeat 1-2X

Photo Tutorial:

Low Impact Burpee: Part 1

Low Impact Burpee: Part 2

Low Impact Burpee: Part 3

Low Impact Burpee: Part 4

Pendulum Squat: Part 1

Pendulum Squat: Part 2

Runner’s Lunge Pulse: Part 1

Runner’s Lunge Pulse: Part 2

Crunch and Tap: Part 1

Crunch and Tap: Part 2

Heel Tap Abs: Part 1

Heel Tap Abs: Part 2

Heel Tap Abs: Part 3

Side Plank Reach: Part 1

Side Plank Reach: Part 2

Hip Tap: Part 1

Hip Tap: Part 2

Leg Series: Part 1

Leg Series: Part 2

Leg Series: Part 3

Elevated Leg Adduction: Part 1

Elevated Leg Adduction: Part 2

Sumo Push-Up: Part 1

Sumo Push-Up: Part 2

Tricep Push-up

Reverse Plank Step Out: Part 1

Reverse Plank Step Out: Part 2

Hip Thrust: Part 1

Hip Thrust: Part 2

2 thoughts on “30-Minute Total Body Workout: LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training) – No Jumping, Apartment Friendly Exercises

  1. Brandy

    You have just the right things to say at pivotal moments in life! I just began a new job, I’m in training, haven’t been able to workout as much as I’d like — your words gave me some much needed perspective! <3

    Going to begin blocking out time for your workouts each afternoon until I can get back into a pattern! 🙂

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Cathrin

    I feel you so much, Melissa. I, too, am struggling with my fitness. My goodness, there were times when I needed to do your workouts on a daily basis like I needed to breathe! Now, I barely recognize myself, absolutely unfit, and can’t seem to find motivation.
    Anyway, I now try to partake in group fitness classes so there’s pressure for me to show up and will try to do at least one of your easier workouts every other day.
    You’ve always inspired me to stay and get fit, I’m sure it will work this time, too!

    Much Love from Germany,

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