Standing Workout: Full Body Routine

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Hello Everyone,

I have a fantastic throwback workout on my To Do list for today. This routine is completed in standing and uses dumbbells for a few exercises. You can also choose to do the exercises with bodyweight if you don’t have access to equipment. You will find the workout video, breakdown and photo tutorial below.

I had a very active weekend, but didn’t get in any formal exercise routines. I’m excited to get back into my normal workout flow, although I enjoyed mixing it up with some other activities.

Staying Active in Erie

We just got back from a quick three day weekend getaway trip to Erie, PA. I tried to unplug as much as possible and just enjoy being with my family and it was wonderful. We did a lot of exploring. I found some beautiful places for yoga flows. The kids loved the Griff Slides (40-foot slides built into a hill side) and exploring on nature walks through the park.

At Presque Isle, we spent some time relaxing and playing on the beach and then rented a Surrey from The Yellow Bike Rental Company to explore a bit more. The kids loved sitting up front, and Jesse and I enjoyed pedaling around and staying active. We did a 6-Mile roundtrip loop from the bike rental site down to the Perry Monument and back. It was the perfect length to keep the kids engaged without getting bored.

We also took the kiddos on a boat ride for Scallywags Pirate Adventures. When I say the kids LOVED the pirate adventure I mean it with the all caps kind of love. From using water canons to battle a wicked pirate (who was a very good actor!) to a variety of other games and activities the kids had an amazing time.

This quick little weekend getaway was just what we needed. Lots of fun, and impromptu adventures. I’m feeling much more rested and energized. I also have a renewed sense of motivation. Sometimes a change of pace (or place in this case) is just what you need to become refreshed.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout. Keep an eye out for new ones! They are coming soon.


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The Workout:

  1. Low Impact Jumping Jacks
  2. Calf Raise Curl
  3. Squat Pulse
  4. Single Leg Chair Extension: Right
  5. Single Leg Chair Extension: Left
  6. Standing Cross Crunch: Right
  7. Standing Cross Crunch: Left
  8. Standing Side Heel Press: Right
  9. Standing Side Heel Press: Left
  10. Swaying Goddess
  11. Twist and Reach: Right
  12. Twist and Reach: Left
  13. Warrior Deadlift: Right
  14. Warrior Deadlift: Left
  15. Skier
  16. Flat Back to Triangle: Right
  17. Flat Back to Triangle: Left
  18. Sumo Twist: Right
  19. Sumo Twist: Left
  20. Squat and Press
  21. Lunge to Row: Right
  22. Lunge to Row: Left
  23. Bent Knee Press with Chest Press: Right
  24. Bent Knee Press with Chest Press: Left
  25. Single Leg Squat: Right
  26. Single Leg Squat: Left
  27. Side to Side Squat and Fly
  28. Chair Pose Press
Low Impact Jumping Jacks
Calf Raise Curl
Squat Pulse
Single Leg Chair Extension
Single Leg Chair Extension: Part 2
Standing Cross Crunch: Part 1
Standing Cross Crunch: Part 2
Standing Side Heel Press: Part 1
Standing Side Heel Press: Part 2
Swaying Goddess: Part 1
Swaying Goddess: Part 2
Twist and Reach
Warrior Deadlift
Flat Back to Triangle: Part 1
Flat Back to Triangle: Part 2
Sumo Twist: Part 1
Sumo Twist: Part 2
Squat Press: Part 1
Squat Press: Part 2
Lunge to Row: Part 1
Lunge to Row: Part 2
Bent Knee Press with Chest Press: Part 1
Bent Knee Press with Chest Press: Part 2
Single Leg Squat
Side to Side Squat and Fly: Part 1
Side to Side Squat and Fly: Part 2
Chair Pose Press: Part 1
Chair Pose Press: Part 2

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