15-Minute Low Impact Full Body Workout: On the Mat – Hotel and Apartment Friendly Exercise Routine

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a new workout! I filmed this workout live on Facebook a couple of days ago. This is an amazing full body workout with some of the best equipment free, low impact exercise moves. We start out this routine focused on the core, then move to lower body, and finish with arms/shoulders and back.

It’s short, but very effective. You can do this on its own once through, repeat it, or pair it with another workout or some cardio. Make it workout for whatever time you have.

Make exercise a part of your normal habits and schedule. The best workout is one that you can realistically get in on a consistent basis.

Working out at home with my baby and cat

I’m striving to stay consistent with sharing new workouts, which is something I’ve been struggling with lately. Parenting young kids and working makes things pretty crazy at times. I’m glad that my kids and cats enjoy being around me so much. Even when they make working out a bit wild.

Now that I am getting back on track with consistent workouts, I’m also ready to start turning my attention back to nutrition. Less convenience food and more home cooked meals will be great for the entire family. We always have a home cooked dinner, but my other meals and snacks have included more processed or prepared foods than we normally have.

It takes some dedication and planning to get in healthy meals and workouts. Pre-kids I could always do a late night workout or fit in my exercise when it was convenient. Meal prep and cooking extra food for leftovers was simple. Now it takes a lot more intention and effort. It’s worth it though. I’m already noticing improvements in my energy level and motivation. When I move more, I have more energy and want to do more. It’s an all around win: Healthy habits beget more healthy habits.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout and the new workout I posted earlier this week. Let me know if you enjoyed it and if you had a favorite (or most challenging!) exercise from this routine. I added some fun new moves that I hope you enjoy.


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The Workout:

  1. Reverse Crunch Hook
  2. Plank Twist Step (alternating)
  3. Supine Heel Tap Reach: Right
  4. Supine Heel Tap Reach: Left
  5. Super Swim
  6. Leg Series: Right
  7. Leg Series: Left
  8. Quadruped Side Circles: Right
  9. Quadruped Side Circles: Left
  10. Quadruped Heel Press: Right
  11. Quadruped Heel Press: Left
  12. Down Dog Press
  13. Tricep Pushups: Right
  14. Tricep Pushups: Left
  15. Plank Cross Tap Reach: Alternating Sides

Repeat up to 3X

One thought on “15-Minute Low Impact Full Body Workout: On the Mat – Hotel and Apartment Friendly Exercise Routine

  1. Brianne

    Thanks for the great workouts that are easy to do at home! I have been using your website for 5 years or more now and I also have a 3.5 year old son. It’s so convenient to be able to pull up a workout that I can do fast whenever I can squeak in the time. Cheers!

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