25-Minute FULL BODY BURN: No Equipment Workout

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a fantastic and effective 25-minute full body workout. This no equipment exercise routine incorporates some of the best body weight exercises to create a fantastic full body exercise routine.

The full length workout video and photo tutorial are below. This is an interval workout, so you should push yourself for max reps during each interval. No matter what your health and fitness goals are, this is a great routine to help you get there.

Bicep flex after working out
Post workout flex.

I really needed this workout both physically and mentally. I was tired all day and I knew exercise would help, but I kept pushing it off. After the workout I felt a million times better. When it comes to exercise, getting started is the hardest part. It’s important to get into the habit of exercising regularly even when you don’t feel like it. Obviously, illness and injury require rest, but I’m talking about normal days when you just aren’t in the mood. Make it a normal part of your routine.

You should also try to make eating lots of veggies and nutrient dense meals a part of your normal routine. Today I made a delicious Tofu + Veggie Penne with Balsamic Glaze. I was just winging the recipe with ingredients that we had on hand, but it was delicious! My daughter kept asking for more veggies and tofu. In fact, she liked those more than the noodles! So it was an all around win as far as family meals go.

Healthy tofu and vegetable pasta
I shared this recipe on Facebook and Instagram. Tofu + Veggie Penne with Balsamic Glaze.

Yesterday, Jesse filmed a fun and challenging 10-Minute Cardio Burn HIIT workout. I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing from behind the camera when he was teaching the workout. He made it very fun, and I feel safe saying you are guaranteed to laugh at least once during the workout. That workout will be out later this week (and Patreon supporters already have early access to the video).

It has been so wonderful to get back into a consistent workout and filming routine. We’ve been putting out a lot of videos each week, so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already. You can find them here: New January Workouts and New February Workouts.

We have done a wide variety of workouts recently from quick 4-minute per round Tabata exercise routines, to dumbbell workouts and 25-minute no equipment workouts. Plyometric to Low Impact exercise routines. There are plenty of workouts to choose from.


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The Workout:

Set your interval timer for 25 Rounds of 10/50.
  1. Jog in Place
  2. Reverse Lunge Knee Drive: Right
  3. Reverse Lunge Knee Drive: Left
  4. Pendulum Hop
  5. Rotating Push-ups
  6. Crab Knee Touch
  7. Heel Tap Crunch
  8. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  9. Elevated Leg Adduction: Right
  10. Elevated Leg Adduction: Left
  11. Side Plank Bottom Leg March: Right
  12. Side Plank Bottom Leg March: Left
  13. Leg Circles: Right
  14. Leg Circles: Left
  15. Leg Series: Right
  16. Leg Series: Left
  17. Hydrant: Right
  18. Hydrant: Left
  19. Bird Dog Squeeze: Right
  20. Bird Dog Squeeze: Left
  21. X-Squeeze Me
  22. Pendulum Hop
  23. Reverse Lunge Knee Drive: Right
  24. Reverse Lunge Knee Drive: Left
  25. Jog or March in Place

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