15-Minute Total Body HIIT: Body Weight Interval Workout

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Hi Everyone!

This is a fun and fast total body workout routine. This workout uses some of the best body weight exercises to maximize your workout in a short period of time. The workout video and exercise breakdown are below.

I filmed this workout 9-years ago as part of my prep for an NPC Naturals fitness competition in the Bikini division. It’s fun to look back on this time period, and very motivating. At that time I was very strong, healthy and fast. I recently came across one of my workout notebooks from that time, and I was blown away by how quick my running times were. I found my times from an 800-meter (half mile) repeat workout for a total of 3-miles. If you can read my handwriting below you can see the workout breakdown.

Right now I’m at a different place in life (parenting two young children and never seeming to get enough sleep.) While I wouldn’t trade a moment of my time with my family, I’m also tired of feeling sluggish and sleepy all the time. Which means I need to make some changes. This old notebook and video served as a great motivation and reminder to myself of two things.

  1. I know what I am capable of and how to do it.
  2. Short workouts are super effective, especially when you make sure you are working at a good level of intensity. Even though my life is crazy busy right now, refocusing on short but super efficient workouts will help me get back on track.

Here’s the thing, I’m not in bad shape as far as my level of fitness goes. I might not be as fast, but I can go outside and run a few miles without stopping. I’m not uncomfortable in my own skin or with what I see in the mirror. I’ve stayed generally active with my workouts and martial arts. But lately I’ve struggled with my consistency, with making time for myself for exercise and filming and with my overall energy level. For the past two days I was completely derailed by the most horrible menstrual cramps I’ve ever had in my life and my stomach has not been happy with the nutrition choices I’ve been making.

I know that I can feel better, healthier and more energized than I do at this moment in time. And luckily, I know exactly what to do about it. I’ve been sharing that journey here for the past ten years. I just have to recommit to giving myself some small blocks of time to work on my health.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout. Let me know in the comments what you thought about it. I also want to know about your goals. What holds you back and what small steps can you take to move forward?

Don’t forget, I’ve been posting some new workout tutorials on Pinterest, and I’m *starting* to learn TikTok. I’m so late to the game on this one, but I only have so much time in my day. But be sure to check those out too!

See you soon,


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All Levels: Max reps during each 50 second interval, 10 seconds of rest between exercises. 

1. High Knees

2. Burpee

3. Lunge Kick (right)

4. Lunge Kick (left)

5. Decline Mountain Climber

6. 1 Leg Hip Thrust (right)

7. 1 Leg Hip Thrust (left)

8. Speed Skater

9. Jump Squat

10. Plank Jack

11. Single Leg Stand (right)

12. Single Leg Stand (left)

13. Hip Lift/Leg Lift

14. Temple Tap Abs

15. Frogger

This workout can be repeated up to 3X.

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