Weekly Workout Schedule: #BfBodyFit Week 9

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s workout program! You can use the video playlist above, or the individual workout breakdown posts below.

I have 7 great workouts on the agenda for us this week.

We are starting off the week strong, with a Total Body Burpee Burn. Then we move into a Core and Legs focused workout to start targeting specific muscle groups. On day 3 we are back for another Total Body workout. Day 4 is a Quick Stomach Toning Workout. Day 5, grab a couple of dumbbells for some resistance training. Day 6 is a Glute/Butt Shaping Workout. Day 7 is all about stretching.

This schedule can be modified to fit your needs. You can substitute 1-2 workouts for rest days. Aim to get in 5 great workouts this week. Track your workouts, or post social media check-ins to help yourself stay accountable. Having a support system, whether it’s in person or online, can help you stay consistent with your goals.

Thanks for working out with me! Have fun this week, and let me know which workout is your favorite! I love to see your workout check-ins. Feel free to tag me in your photos or videos on Instagram and I might share them to my story. Seeing your posts keeps me motivated.

I finally feel like I am getting some consistency back into my routine. It’s something that I have struggled with since having my son (two years ago!) I feel stronger, and happier since getting back to my workouts. For me it’s not about fitting into a certain size clothing, or hitting a certain number on the scale. Fitness is about creating a healthier and happier life.

There is nothing wrong with having goals related to achieving a healthy weight, or anything along those lines, but I also encourage you to look at the whole picture. How does exercise, and eating healthier foods make you feel? For me, I feel like everything improves, from my mood to my energy level. I’m more able to find joy in the simple things when I am physically active.

What motivates you, and how does exercise make you feel? Think about it this week, and if you want to share feel free to leave a comment here or on Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy and have fun! Let’s get stronger together. 😘

❤ Melissa

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For my non-fitness related posts, I am on Instagram as @Melissa_Bender_Life

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Workout 1:

30 Day Challenge: Day 15: Burpee Body Burn HIIT: 19 Minutes

Workout 2:

Core and Legs Workout: Exercise for Belly, Glutes, Thighs, and Calves

Workout 3:

16-Minute Full Body HIIT: Home Workout & Fat Burn

Workout 4:

Quick Stomach Toning Workout

Workout 5:

10-Minute Standing Dumbbell Workout: Fast Total Body Workout

Workout 6:

Butt Shaper Home Workout: BenderFitness

Workout 7:

25 Minute Home Yoga Flow: Stretch & Strength





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