Core and Legs Workout: Exercise for Belly, Glutes, Thighs, and Calves

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Hi Everyone!

Are you ready for a brand new workout? I can’t believe that this month is passing by so quickly! I have really been enjoying filming and sharing new workouts with you.

Today’s workout is quick, only 16-minutes per round. You can do it once, or repeat it. Whatever you have the time and energy for. You don’t need any equipment, but you can amp up the intensity by adding a weighted vest, or some dumbbells to several of the moves. I found the workout challenging (especially the core section!) with no added resistance.

This workout routine will work your muscles from multiple angles. This means that we are recruiting and strengthening multiple muscle groups. Focus on using proper form for each exercise, and aim to get in as many reps as you can. If you hit your max, take a quick break and get back into it. Maxing out isn’t a bad thing. When you do that you will actually gain strength more quickly.

As I mention in the video I am just recovering from a sinus infection. It really knocked me for a loop, but when the weather changes and the temperatures drop my allergies go full force on me. I decided to take out the cardio segments of the workout, because I didn’t think my body was ready for it. It ended up being a great workout without the added cardio, but for those of you in total beast mode I have also posted a cardio option that you can add to this workout if you are so inclined.

I heard your comments, and I will be creating a program to build strength for the Side Plank.

Have fun with this week’s workouts! I love seeing your check-in posts and comments! Let me know how you feel and what you thought of the exercises and the schedule. I’d also love to hear which exercise you found the most challenging, and which one you liked the most. For my last workout I got a lot of great feedback on the Low Impact Burpee, and several people were struggling with the Side Plank Toe Tap.

I will be incorporating more exercises to add to improve strength for Side Planks.


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  1. March and Kick
  2. Single Leg Pendulum-Right
  3. Single Leg Pendulum-Left
  4. Kneeling Leg Rotation-Right
  5. Kneeling Leg Rotation-Left
  6. Tip Toe Chair Walk
  7. Figure 4 Pulse & Press-Right
  8. Figure 4 Pulse & Press-Left
  9. Cat Bow Series-Right
  10. Cat Bow Series-Left
  11. Spiderman Sweep
  12. Half Leg Lift
  13. Temple Tap Abs
  14. Criss Cross Legs
  15. Plank to Updog
  16. Core Wiggle

Repeat 1-3X

March & Kick Part 1

March & Kick Part 2

Single Leg Pendulum: Part 1

Single Leg Pendulum: Part 2

Kneeling Leg Rotation: Part 1

Kneeling Leg Rotation: Part 2

Tip Toe Chair Walk: Part 1

Tip Toe Chair Walk: Part 2

Tip Toe Chair Walk: Part 3

Figure Four Pulse Press: Part 1

Figure Four Pulse Press: Part 2

Cat Bow Series: Part 1

Cat Bow Series: Part 2

Cat Bow Series: Part 3

Spiderman Sweep: Part 1

Spiderman Sweep: Part 2

Half Leg Lift: Part 1

Half Leg Lift: Part 2

Temple Tap Abs: Part 1

Temple Tap Abs: Part 2

Criss Cross Legs

Plank to Updog: Part 1

Plank to Updog: Part 2

Core Wiggle: Part 1

Core Wiggle: Part 2




11 thoughts on “Core and Legs Workout: Exercise for Belly, Glutes, Thighs, and Calves

  1. Susan

    Just finished 2roubds of this intense workout. I enjoyed all I was very challenged with the figure four pulse set, that one I needed balance. I’m just curious I wear cross trainer sneakers would a running shoe be more beneficial with balance and stability ?
    Thank you for all you do

  2. Makayla

    I am so thankful for your workouts in the morning. They get me up and moving which is exactly what I need to get my day off to a good start. This was the first time I did the core wiggle. Wow.. at first I was wondering what this was doing and about 5 seconds in really felt it in my core! Thanks for the awesome workouts, they never disappoint. I appreciate all that you do!!

  3. Melanie

    Completed 2 rounds today. Loved all the new leg and flute exercises. Spider-Man sweep was the toughest. Thanks for a great workout. Might add some cardio tonight.

  4. Roxy

    I liked the glutes and calves exercises; and the way you progressed to each target area. With adrenal issues I find this style perfect as cardio is a bit too intense right now. My heart rate came up though and I broke a good sweat. Thanks as always!

  5. Vena Hallahan

    Really another great one. Love the new exercises.. my favorites that I felt a great burn.

    Single Leg Pendulum and the Kneeling Knee Rotation. Paired together was a great burn.
    thanks you so much

  6. Shaela

    I had a million things to do today but that’s why I turn to your workouts. Short, effective, challenging. I was sweaty by the 3rd exercise. I kept thinking that I have never done most of these in my 6 years of working out. My faves: Kneeling Leg Rotation,Tip Toe Chair Walk, Cat Bow Series
    and the Spiderman Sweep. My lower half thanks you 😉 Didn’t feel much with the single leg pendulum (ill need to modify next time). Thank you for day 3! Great sweat.

  7. Ashley

    Loved the new single leg exercises: single leg pendulum and pony prance, the figure 4 pointed out some major asymmetry so it was hard but a good one to do again for that reason! I used to do a similar version of the core wiggle in high school cross country so that was fun to bring back as well. Thanks Melissa!

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