Yoga, Pilates, Bender Fitness: Workout Fusion

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is a 30 Minute Yoga/Pilates/Fitness Fusion. The video is below. It’s been a tough week of workouts so far. If you are following the schedule below you can choose to take a full rest day, or an easy day (walking or gentle jogging).
This workout style is great because it is challenging and it promotes both muscular strength and flexibility. This is a great full body workout that requires no equipment.
This is a throwback workout, but I did teach a 60-Minute Yoga class last night. I do plan on filming more yoga flows, so let me know if you like them.
Maintaining and improving flexibility and strength is important to injury prevention and muscular balance. People who are very flexible at times have difficulty holding positions like plank due to decreased strength in the muscles that support strong posture. People who focus only on strength often do so at the expense of flexibility and lost range of motion.
Having a balance of both strength and flexibility will promote health and proper biomechanics, which will help you to maintain a healthy body.
I love taking my workout outdoors. There is something rejuvenating about being surrounded by nature.
Day 6: Yoga, Pilates, Bender Fitness Workout Fusion or Full Rest Day
I hope you enjoy today’s workout!
PS You can find me on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest. Jesse has also been posting sneak peek workouts moves/tutorials on his Instagram page.



11 thoughts on “Yoga, Pilates, Bender Fitness: Workout Fusion

  1. Heidi

    I love yoga workouts! I would love if you filmed more, but as you do this for free, I am grateful for any workouts that you post 🙂

  2. Cri

    Loving all of your workouts! Yoga flow helps us to maintain flexibility and body conscoiusness…Please keep film them, once a week or when you want, so we could incorporate them in our fitness routine…thank you from Italy!

  3. Nikki

    Hi Melissa,
    You rock! I’ll take whatever workout you give me : ) However, I only think of doing yoga if you post one. Thanks for all you do!!

  4. Trent

    Hi Melissa Bender how can i painfull Staddle stretch so i can feel stretch in thights how long shood do for ?as i exrices send phons to my email

    • benderfitness

      The baby is so great! He’s a sleepy little guy, so he lets us get plenty of rest. He already knows his days from his nights & really only cries when he wants to eat. <3 I'm a proud mama & I could just stare at him all day long. 🙂

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