Lean Muscle Stretch & Fat Burn: 20 Minute Workout

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Good Morning Everyone!

It’s a brand new week, and I am planning on filming a brand new workout today.  In the mean time I have a throwback workout for you. This workout utilizes cardio bursts throughout the routine to increase the intensity/burn of the workout. I also incorporated moves into this workout that will provide a stretch & challenge for your flexibility.

Fitness isn’t just strength, or only flexibility, or just endurance. True fitness is a combination of all three of those things. Fitness also incorporates the mental aspect of determination, consistency and goal setting. This routine is an all around, full body challenge for strength, flexibility and endurance. The workout video and photo tutorial are below.

I wasn’t able to film as many new workouts last week, but I did get in some great workouts and runs. These are last week’s workouts that I posted:

I have a 5K coming up on Thanksgiving so my week was a little bit different.
Day 2: Rest Day (My mom, sister, niece & nephew visited)
Day 3: Taught Boot Camp-60 Minute Total Workout-40 HIIT + 10 Minute Warm-up & 10-Minute Cool-down
Day 5: Taught 60-Minute Yoga Class
Day 6: Treadmill Run: 3.1 Miles (23 minutes and 57 seconds) + 1 Mile Cool Down (8 Minutes)- 4.1 Total Miles
Day 7: Treadmill Run: .5 Mile Walking Warm-Up (4.0 Speed) 2 Mile Run (16 Minutes-8 Minute/Mile Pace-7.5 Speed) .5 Mile Walking Cool Down (4.0 Speed)

Day 6 Run Breakdown: I started off at an easier pace, and slightly increased the speed at 1.5 Miles, and 2.5 Miles. 5K Training to prevent starting to fast & prepare to push harder in the later parts of the race.

I hope you all enjoyed last week’s workouts. I am excited to start off another great fitness week with all of you.

Have fun today!

Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 Rounds of 30/50

*30 Second Cardio Burst Between Each Exercise: Jump Rope or High Knees
Low Impact Cardio Variation: Mountain Climbers or Marching in Place

1. Dive Bomber
2. Heel Press Plank-Right
3. Heel Press Plank-Left
4. Runners Lunge to Warrior Stretch-Right
5. Runners Lunge to Warrior Stretch-Left
6. Single Leg Squat to Dancer-Right
7. Single Leg Squat to Dancer-Left
8. Side Plank Kick-Right
9. Side Plank Kick-Left
10. Forward Fold Lift-Right
11. Forward Fold Lift-Left
12. Down Dog Hop-Right
13. Down Dog Hop-Left
14. Knee Cross Side Plank-Right
15. Knee Cross Side Plank-Left

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30 Minutes of Cardio

Dive Bomber: Part 1
Dive Bomber: Part 2
Dive Bomber: Part 3
Heel Press Plank: Right
Heel Press Plank: Left
Runner’s Lunge to Warrior Stretch: Part 1
Runner’s Lunge to Warrior Stretch: Part 2
Single Leg Squat to Dancer: Part 1
Single Leg Squat to Dancer: Part 2
Single Leg Squat to Dancer: Opposite Side
Side Plank Kick: Part 1
Side Plank Kick: Part 2
Forward Fold Lift: Part 1
Forward Fold Lift: Part 2
Forward Fold Lift: Part 3
Down Dog Hop: Part 1
Down Dog Hop: Part 2 (For Modification Skip Part 3)
Down Dog Hop: Part 3
Knee Cross Side Plank: Part 1
Knee Cross Side Plank: Part 2

2 thoughts on “Lean Muscle Stretch & Fat Burn: 20 Minute Workout

  1. Janet

    After 6 months of inactivity due a injury in my foot I’ve started today with this workout… And I have to say it was tough. Thanks for what you do for us.

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