20 Minute HIIT: Core & Legs Workout and 20 Minute Full Body Sculpt

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! Tonight Jesse and I taught a 60-Minute Boot Camp class. We didn’t have time to film a new workout (we both also work full time as Occupational Therapists), but I am planning to film it for you tomorrow.

We did 2-Rounds of a 20 Minute Workout, plus a 10-Minute Warm-up and Cool Down. I have posted two 20-Minute Workout options below. The first workout is a 20-Minute HIIT focused on the Core & Legs. The second is a full body workout, that can be completed for interval rounds or reps.

You can pick one and repeat it, or put them both together for some variety in your workout today. Push yourself to complete each exercise with proper form. For any plank variations, if they are to difficult you can always hold the plank. For example, you can substitute a static side plank for a Side Plank Knee/Lift. Build your way up to the harder variations.

It felt great to teach a live class again. I haven’t been teaching group classes since the Spring semester ended. I do have permission to film a class, so if 100% of the students are on board, I will share a live full length workout. I want people who come to the class to be able to focus on working out, without worrying about what they look like on camera, so I won’t be filming unless everyone agrees.

I hope you all have fun with this workout!


Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!
Set your timer for 15 rounds of 30/50. 
30 Seconds Core. 50 Seconds Max Reps. 

-Core Series
1. High Knees
-Core Series
2. Burpees
-Core Series
3. Squat Kick (right)
-Core Series
4. Squat Kick (left)
-Core Series
5. Side Lunge Kick (right)
-Core Series
6. Side Lunge Kick (left)
-Core Series
7. Superman Squat Jump
-Core Series
8. Round Kick Double Jab (right)
-Core Series
9. Round Kick Double Jab (left)
-Core Series
10. Tripod Jump (right)
-Core Series
11. Tripod Jump (left)
-Core Series
12. Side Plank Knee/Lift (right)
-Core Series
13. Side Plank Knee/Lift (left)
-Core Series
14. Frogger
-Core Series
15. X-Jumps

Repeat 1-3X

Hip Lift
Cross Reach
High Knees
Squat Kick Part 1
Squat Kick Part 2
Side Lunge Kick Part 1
Side Lunge Kick Part 2
Superman Squat Jump Part 1
Superman Squat Jump Part 2
Round Kick Double Jab Part 1
Round Kick Double Jab Part 2
Tripod Jump
Side Plank Knee/Lift
X Jump/Cheer Jump

This workout can be completed for Reps or Intervals.

Beginner: 10 Reps
Intermediate: 15 Reps
Advanced: 20 Reps

Intervals: 12 Rounds of 10/50.

  1. Supergirl
  2. Lunge Jump
  3. Down Dog Leg Lift-Right
  4. Down Dog Leg Lift-Left
  5. Jump Squat
  6. Decline Pushup Ab Pull (Frogger Pushup Modification)
  7. Jumping Jacks
  8. Side Plank Reach Through-Right
  9. Side Plank Reach Through-Left
  10. Overhead Squat
  11. Pendulum Squat
  12. Side to Side Mountain Plank

Repeat 1-3X


Lunge Jump

Down Dog Leg Lift

Jump Squat

Frogger Pushup: Part 1: Modification

Frogger Pushup: Part 2: Modification

Decline Pushup Ab Pull: Part 1

Decline Pushup Ab Pull: Part 2

Jumping Jacks

Side Plank Reach Through: Part 1

Side Plank Reach Through: Part 2

Overhead Squat: Part 1

Overhead Squat: Part 2

Pendulum Squat: Part 1

Pendulum Squat: Part 2

Side to Side Mountain Plank: Part 1

Side to Side Mountain Plank: Part 2

Ready for Round 2?

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