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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Reset Workout #11! This Total Body Workout is fantastic, and will help you work up an amazing sweat!

This is a throwback workout that I posted a while ago, but I didn’t realize the original video had some audio issues. Sometimes when I do editing/posting on one device everything sounds great, but when I listen to it from my computer the audio has issues. That happened with this video.

I hope you enjoy the new video update. In the video I mention that this workout is Part 2 to a longer workout I filmed. Although this is great as a standalone workout, I am also posting a link to the first half of the video for anyone who wants a more intense and longer workout burn today. It is optional. You will find the video and the link to the original breakdown below the photo tutorial.

Maverick gives everyone the Golden Thumbs Up for getting in a workout today.

Over the last week I had to prioritize getting in my own workouts over filming new workouts. I just couldn’t get the time in for setup/photo/editing etcetera and was getting overwhelmed. I think part of it is pandemic fatigue, and part of it is adjusting to parenting two mobile children. My daughter is 7-months old now and crawling everywhere. She pulls herself to stand and wants to explore (get into) all of the things! I absolutely love it, but it’s a shift from when she stayed in one spot.

I’m teaching two kinesiology courses this semester, so I get in two days of yoga and two days of interval training with my students. I am lucky enough to be able to teach remotely, but I do miss interacting with my students in person. I also ran three times last week. Running is something I miss dearly and I’ve struggled to do consistently since having kids. Soon, I am going to do a Run Streak challenge. I’m going to get in at least one mile per day for a month. If that is something you’re interested in let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout, and the improved sound. If you come across any of my other videos that are experiencing sound difficulties, please let me know by leaving a comment. I will go back and edit the audio so that you can continue to use the workout videos in the future.

I appreciate you and I’m happy that you’re working out with me today.


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16 Rounds: 30 seconds Cardio, 50 seconds Max Reps
*Always consult your doctor before starting any workout program.*

1. Warrior Pistol Squat- Right
2. Warrior Pistol Squat- Left
3. Hydrant- Right
4. Hydrant- Left
5. Lunge Jump/Alternating Lunge
6. Leg Series-Right
7. Leg Series- Left
8. Walking Push-up or Plank
9. Donkey Kick
10. Reverse Plank Step-out
11. Table Press
12. Burpee or Low Impact Burpee
13. Down Dog Toe Tap- Right
14. Down Dog Toe Tap- Left
15. Superman
16. Farmer Walk

Repeat up to 3X.

Warrior Pistol Squat: Part 1

Warrior Pistol Squat: Part 2

Hydrant: Part 1

Hydrant: Part 2

Lunge Jump or Alternating Lunge: Part 1

Lunge Jump or Alternating Lunge: Part

Leg Series: Part 1

Leg Series: Part 2

Leg Series: Part 3

Walking Push-up or Plank: Part 1

Walking Push-up or Plank: Part 2

Walking Push-up or Plank: Part 3

Donkey Kick: Part 1

Donkey Kick: Part 2

Reverse Plank Step Out: Part 1

Reverse Plank Step Out: Part 2

Table Press: Part 1

Table Press: Part 2

Table Press: Part 3

Burpee: Part 1

Burpee: Part 2

Farmer Walk: Part 2

Farmer Walk: Part 1


Down Dog Toe Tap: Part 2

Down Dog Toe Tap: Part 1

Burpee: Part 3

Part 2 Breakdown and video link:


  1. I am also having “pandemic fatigue.” I miss my regular yoga studio in-person classes, and somehow I’ve gotten out of my running and workout routine. I would like to do a Running Streak to get back into running. I could see 5 days/week to be realistic.

  2. Catherine

    Hi Melissa! Long time fan of your workouts, first time posting in the comments. There is an audio issue with your “20- MINUTE TOTAL BODY LIIT WORKOUT: LOW IMPACT, NO JUMPING, APARTMENT FRIENDLY” workout that was posted in November 2018. The issue starts around the 12:30 mark. I use your low-impact workouts all the time when I travel (perfect for not disturbing other hotel guests), and I’m pretty sure I have this one memorized by now 🙂
    Thanks for all you do!

  3. Leslie W

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for your awesome workouts and sharing your wealth of knowledge with the world. I’m a mother of one, but working on baby #2 and the juggling of parenthood, marriage, work life in general is a balancing act. Your doing amazing and thank you so much.

    With the holidays coming up can you share a post on ways to indulge, but modify eating habits during this time of year?

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