Total Body Fat Burning Home Workout: Core, Thighs & Glutes

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Hi Everyone!

Are you ready for a new workout? I hope so! I really worked up a great sweat with this routine, and I think you are going to like it.

Today’s Workout: This workout incorporates fat burning cardio bursts throughout the routine, while focusing on strengthening your core and thighs. Be sure to push yourself during the workout. Intensity does matter. As long as you are pushing yourself you are in the right effort zone. If it feels easy, it’s time to challenge yourself to more reps, or the harder cardio or exercise variations.

During the cardio segments of this workout I start to demo the next exercise. Complete your cardio until the timer goes off. This is actually part one of a longer workout. You can do it on it’s own as a stand alone workout, or pair it with the second half of the workout. I like to make the exercises customizable so that they fit your lifestyle. I love having the time to repeat a workout, or do a longer workout (especially since I haven’t been running much!) but with a toddler it can be a challenge to get it all in.

Starting healthy habits early.

Healthy Habits: I have been re-focusing on my overall health and wellness. That has included making sure I am getting enough rest, eating plenty of colorful fruits and veggies, and moving more. I am slowly re-incorporating running back into my routine. My running has been inconsistent, but my BenderFitness workouts have kept me in good cardiovascular shape. I have work to do, but I’m excited to start working on re-gaining some speed. I’m going to start by focusing on 5Ks, and working on improving my 5K times.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout. Let me know what your favorite move is, and how you liked the workout. I really worked up a great sweat, and I hope you do too!

<3 Melissa

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12 Rounds of 35 seconds cardio, 50 seconds maximum repetitions.
*Always consult a doctors before trying a new exercise program.*

1. Side Step Squat
2. Kick and Tap – Right
3. kick and Tap – Left
4. Plank Rotation
5. Prone Heel Press
6. Down Dog Hop – Right
7. Down Dog Hop – Left
8. Temple Tap Abs
9. Knee Drop Spider
10. Side Plank Hip Lift- Right
11. Side Plank Hip Lift – Left
12. Leg/ Hip Lift

Repeat up to 3X.

Side Step Squat: Part 1

Side Step Squat: Part 2

Side Step Squat: Part 3

Kick and Tap: Part 1

Kick and Tap: Part 2

Kick and Tap: Part 3

Plank Rotation: Part 1

Plank Rotation: Part 2

Prone Heel Press

Down Dog Hop: Part 1

Down Dog Hop: Part 2

Down Dog Split (non-hopping option)

Temple Tap Abs: Part 1

Temple Tap Abs: Part 2

Temple Tap Abs: Part 3

Knee Drop Spider: Part 1

Knee Drop Spider: Part 2

Leg/Hip Lift: Part 1

Leg/Hip Lift: Part 2

Leg/Hip Lift: Part 3

Side Plank Hip Life: Part 1

Side Plank Hip Life: Part 2



11 thoughts on “Total Body Fat Burning Home Workout: Core, Thighs & Glutes

  1. Joanna

    Love the workout!! Especially that my left hip still is aching. I felt a good stretch during the donkey kick and side plank.

  2. Leah

    I am loving the new workouts! Would also love it if you could put together a weekly workout schedule like you used to – maybe each Sunday. Your workouts are an amazing part of my routine – and they help me feel fit from head to toe!

  3. Shawna

    Thank you for another great workout! I’ve been working out with you for years, and you never disappoint. I liked the new move spider drop plank. Appreciate all you do!

  4. Chels

    I added weights to increase intensity with the initial leg series. I like the Spider-Man knee drops, really targets those lower abs.

  5. Terry

    Great workout. Felt the increased intensity level! Also, felt your enthusiasm which was very motivating. Spider-Man plank was great – would like to do that more often. Also, did the second workout for a combined effort. Would love to see more arm workouts for summer-sculpted arms. Thank you.

  6. Jillian

    Prone heel Press was the hardest for me and I like the rotating planks I haven’t done those in a while and they felt good on my shoulders thanks Melissa!

  7. Dustene

    Loving your work outs! Thank you. I had my daughter 6 months ago and have been doing your workouts before I had her and then again after having her and they have been so helpful getting my body in shape and just helping me feel better about myself. Thank you!

  8. Sarah

    Hi! I’m pretty new to your site but I’m working my way through your 6 month challenge. I love that the workouts are short enough that I can fit one in. It’s an easy excuse to say I don’t have an hour, but I have 15-20 minutes. So thank you!

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