Full Body HIIT: Home Workout and Cardio Burn: Body Weight Exercises, No Equipment

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Hi Everyone!

Get ready to work up a sweat, and get in a fabulous workout today! I really enjoyed this workout, and I think you will too. It felt amazing to get in a Total Body Exercise routine, with plenty of cardio fat burning. You don’t need any equipment for this routine. Just grab a yoga mat, and push yourself to get in maximum repetitions.

This is what I looked like after one round of today’s workout: Happy and Sweaty! I only had time to get in one round, but if you are up for a longer workout, I definitely recommend repeating it.

This is a workout that I look forward to coming back to in the future. My favorite move was the Hip Tap Crunch, although I found it very tiring while I was doing it. It’s an exercise that I will incorporate again in the future. What was your favorite exercise? Let me know in the comments. I will make sure to incorporate all the favorites into future workouts.

As always, focus on form. Get in maximum reps, but if you need a rest you can take it. Just get back into the movement as quickly as you are able too.

Have fun with the workouts! Be sure to check-in throughout the week, it helps you stay on track and be accountable for sticking to your workouts. 💪🏼 I love to hear about your progress, and how many workouts you get in during the week. I will be making accountability posts on my Instagram and Facebook pages, so be sure to join me there and let me know when you get  your workouts in.

As always, thanks for working out with me! Let’s keep each other on track this week!

❤ Melissa

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Prior to each exercise complete 30-seconds of cardio.

1. Lateral Hop
2. Lunge Knee- Right
3. Lunge Knee- Left
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Side Lunge Elbow
6. Superman Burpee
7. Hip Tap Crunch- Right
8. Hip Tap Crunch- Left
9. Oblique Twist Plank
10. Rock the Boat
11. Plié Squat Pulse and Lift
12. Leg Series- Right
13. Leg Series- Left
14. Down Dog Heel Press- Right
15. Down Dog Heel Press- Left

Repeat up to 3X

Lateral Hop

Lunge Knee: Part 1

Lunge Knee: Part 2

Mountain Climbers: Part 1

Mountain Climbers: Part 2

Side Lunge Elbow: Part 1

Side Lunge Elbow: Part 2

Superman Burpee: Part 1

Superman Burpee: Part 2

Superman Burpee: Part 3

Superman Burpee: Part 4

Hip Tap Crunch: Part 1

Hip Tap Crunch: Part 2

Hip Tap Crunch: Part 3

Oblique Twist Plank: Part 1

Oblique Twist Plank: Part 2

Oblique Twist Plank: Part 3

Rock the Boat: Part 1

Rock the Boat: Part 2

Plie Squat Pulse and Lift: Part 1

Plie Squat Pulse and Lift: Part 2

Plie Squat Pulse and Lift: Part 3

Leg Series: Part 1

Leg Series: Part 2

Leg Series: Part 3

Down Dog Heel Press: Part 1

Down Dog Heel Press: Part 2


9 thoughts on “Full Body HIIT: Home Workout and Cardio Burn: Body Weight Exercises, No Equipment


    As always, LOVED IT! First time through, the Hip Tap Crunch felt awkward, but my second round, had it down! (And I’m sore in the oddest places today from those! LOL)

  2. Heather L Dye

    Definitely a high intensity workout…especially if you really try to keep your knees high! Did it two times for a 40 minute workout. Loved it…Love all your workouts and appreciate you sharing your hard work with all of us. You are more appreciated than you probably know 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    My first time going through this one. Its great. My focus was off terribly today and I still feel it! im going to try it again tomorrow, hopefully with better focus and ill get a better sweat.

    • marie

      I would assume it’s based off of your level of fitness, the intensity of the workout and how you feel (ie: 1 round = beginner, 2 rounds = intermediate, 3 rounds = advanced). Hope this helps!

  4. Melissa Kranzo

    Rainy day and needed a HIIT – just did 2 couple rounds of this workout along with 20 minutes on the elliptical and already feeling much better. Thanks so much!

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