Free 6-Day Workout Schedule: Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s workout schedule! Below you will find 6 different home workouts to try this week. These workouts use little or no equipment, and can be done anywhere. The seventh day of this program is a Rest Day. Be sure to use your rest day to allow your body to recover, and gain strength.

Below each workout video is a link to the full workout breakdown, if you prefer to see a list of each exercise be sure to check that out.

Day 1: We are starting with the Lower Body. Working on your lower body is fantastic for your biomechanics, and helps improve your strength all over. The power for most of your movements comes from the lower body. This area houses some of the largest muscles in your body, and is responsible for a lot of calorie burning.

Day 2: Total Body Workout Routine to Burn Fat and Build Strength. This is a Total Body Workout, completed interval style. Go for maximum reps without sacrificing form. Remember, if you burn out and can’t complete any more reps: take a break and get back into it when you can. When you max out an exercise, that means you are entering strength building with your body.

Day 3: Quick Standing Workout, Core and Buns: Low Impact. This is a fantastic routine. It’s one of those exercise programs that sneaks up on you. It looks easy, but it targets some of the hard to work areas, and you will feel it the next day.

Standing Leg Pulse: Sideways

Day 4: Total Body Fat Burning Workout, No Equipment. You don’t need any equipment for this routine. Just focus on form, and maximizing your reps for each exercise.

Day 5: 30-Minute Total Body HIIT workout with both of the Benders. This is a fun one! Grab a couple of dumbbells, and get ready to challenge yourself. Jesse and I should get in front of the camera together more often!

Day 6: It’s a yoga day! Don’t skip this routine. This program is designed for both stretch and strength. You will feel amazing, and target some muscles you might not have ever noticed before. It’s a great flow.


Have fun with the workouts! Be sure to check-in throughout the week, it helps you stay on track and be accountable for sticking to your workouts. I love to hear about your progress, and how many workouts you get in during the week.

Thanks for working out with me!

❤ Melissa

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Day 1: 

Home Exercises for Strong, Lean, Legs

Day 2: 

Total Body Workout to Burn Fat and Build Strength

Day 3:

Quick Standing Workout: Core and Buns: Low Impact

Day 4: 

Total Body Fat Burning: No Equipment Workout

Day 5: 

30-Minute Total Body Fat Burn

Day 6:

Yoga Stretch and Strength



3 thoughts on “Free 6-Day Workout Schedule: Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!

  1. Deb

    I really love your workouts. Tonight was a monster. I’m watching MI2 right now and just wondering if you will name your next son Ethan? Hunt? Lol!

  2. I love all of your workouts and have been enjoying these weekly workout schedules as I train for my first marathon. Your workouts have made a huge difference in my running and my life overall. I can’t thank you enough!

  3. Brandy

    As always with your workouts, I loved this one! And I am especially liking how you demonstrate the moves while we finish cardio. This may sound funny, but it gives me something else to focus on while jumping rope or high knees. 🙂
    Keep up the always excellent work!!

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