Weekly Workout Schedule: Six Days of Workouts: #BFBodyFit Week 2

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s Workout Schedule! I have a great program planned for this week. It’s well rounded, and incorporates everything from LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training), HIIT (High Impact Interval Training), Yoga, Tabata, and Resistance Training.

That means, we will be getting in a fantastic week of workouts. This exercise program will challenge your body in multiple ways, so that you are always progressing, without getting bored.

Each workout can be done once per day, or repeated up to 3X per day. Modify your schedule based on your personal workout needs. The video playlist is below (in the top left corner of the video you will see three lines, and a sideways triangle: click that to see the full video playlist). I also included links to each workout, with the workout descriptions below. If you want to see the full workout breakdown you can check those out below.

Day 1

Total Body LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training) Workout: This is a great total body exercise routine. You don’t need any equipment. Just grab a workout mat and follow along with the video.

Day 2

Total Body Fat Burning Home Workout: Core, Thighs and Glutes. You don’t need any equipment to complete this routine. Go for maximum repetitions, and don’t sacrifice form.

Day 3

Total Body HIIT: With a Focus on Core  AND Four-Minute Tabata Lower Body Workout. The first routine is focused on strengthening your core. You will work your midsection from every angle. The second routine takes only 4-minutes, but is a very intense lower body workout. If you “burn out” (hit max reps during an exercise) don’t worry! That means you are building strength and endurance. Aim for max reps.

Day 4

40-Minute Power Yoga with Melissa and Sean Vigue.  Sean celebrated a birthday this week, so of course I had to include him in our weekly workout playlist. This is a great total body routine for strength and flexibility. I know a lot of people skip yoga day….DON’T SKIP IT! It’s a great routine.

Day 5

Glutes, Core and More: Dumbbell Workout. Grab your dumbbells, and your sense of humor! Jesse is teaching this workout. That means it’s high energy, and you are bound to laugh during the routine at some point. This is a great routine for runner’s and non-runner’s alike.

Day 6

10-Minute Tighter Tummy Workout. This routine is focused on your core. It’s fast, but challenging. If you are up for it, repeat it, or pair it with some cardio of choice (walking, running, swimming, biking, hiking….the options are plentiful!)

Day 7

Active Rest Day. You can switch your rest day to earlier in the week if needed. Listen to your body, and be sure to use your rest day to recover. During rest we build strength.

Kneeling Warrior: Part 1

Have fun with the workouts! Be sure to check-in, it helps you stay on track and be accountable for sticking to your workouts.

Thanks for working out with me!

❤ Melissa

PS You can find me on Social Media: @BenderFitness and on Facebook: @MelissaBenderFitness and Jesse is on Instagram: @BenderCrosby1

For my non-fitness related posts, I am on Instagram as @Melissa_Bender_Life

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Schedule: Six Days of Workouts: #BFBodyFit Week 2

  1. Brandy

    YES! The Weekly Schedules help out so much! And if I know my week may get out of control, I combine two days into one workout. I love it! Thank for all you do for us! #BodyByBenderFitness

  2. Shaela Haney

    I just did your combo with Sean. Ive done it before and love it! It’s a great power yoga flow and very energizing!

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