Get in Shape at Home: 5 Home Workouts

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s workout schedule. This is a great, balanced, workout routine. You will work your entire body, burning fat, and improving your fitness level. I also included a great yoga and stretching routine. Please don’t skip the yoga. I know that a lot of people skip stretching. Keeping your flexibility not only helps prevent injuries, but also helps you maximize your workouts.

Why should you include stretching into your routine? When your muscles are flexible you are able to move through the full range of motion for each exercise, and maintain good form. When you are limited by tight muscles it is easier for your body/muscles to develop compensatory movement patterns. That means that instead of activating the targeted muscle, other muscles are taking over to assist with the movement. So stretching helps prevent injury, and helps you activate the appropriate muscles.

Keeping your back flat, and hinging at the hips (instead of arching through the back) helps you maximize the stretch for your hamstrings and low back. Using the chair assists with form, and also adds a stretch through the upper back/shoulders.


Eat Right: This week focus on pairing your workouts with nutritious food choices. Food is fuel for your body. Your body works best when it is fueled by foods loaded with vitamins, and variety. Remember to eat your colors. Different colored fruits and veggies have different vitamins. Also, be sure to drink enough water. Last week I noticed that I was ravenously hungry, even shortly after eating. I knew I was eating enough, and couldn’t figure out why I was having such intense food cravings. I realized that I was dehydrated. I was so busy that I wasn’t drinking enough water. Your body can confuse thirst and hunger signals. As soon as I took a sip of water I realized how thirsty I actually was.

*Don’t over hydrate either. It is possible (and dangerous!) to drink too much water. I aim to have about 8-12 eight oz glasses of water per day. Depending on how thirsty I am (and how much of a sweat I worked up during exercise) I may have a bit more or less.

Staying hydrated.

Let me know what you think of the workouts. I hope that you enjoy this week’s schedule.  If you post a check in on social media don’t forget to tag me in it! I definitely recommend tracking your workouts in some way (whether via social media, on a calendar, or some other way that works for you).

Have fun!

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Workout 1: 

16-Minute Total Body Workout: No Equipment, Body Weight Fat Burn

Workout 2: 

10-Minute Belly Workout: Core Strengthening + Fat Burning Home Workout

Workout 3: 

Standing Lower Body Fat Burning Workout: 20-Minute Home Workout

Workout 4:

HIIT the New Year Hard: Plyo HIIT Fat Burning Body Sculpt

Workout 5: 

20-Minute Yoga Flow & Stretch

2 thoughts on “Get in Shape at Home: 5 Home Workouts

  1. Sarah

    Melissa. Im a big fan..can I ask is porridge made with oat milk , chia and a banana a good breakfast? My goal is weight loss… it’s about 10lbs of Xmas weight really

  2. Anonymous

    i love your focus on streching. My body was getting really stiff. Streching is so impartant.Thank you for the reminder. I am about to complete the last excirse in this 5. I often do same one a few days in a row.
    I want to thank you so much for everything you do. i have never been as strong or had as flat a stomach, ever!
    Happy New Year

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