BenderFitness Q&A: How to Run Faster, How Many Calories Do you Need, Fave Exercises & More!

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Hi Everyone!

Jesse and I answered some of the questions you asked on the BenderFitness Facebook page. We hope you find this Q&A video helpful. Everyone asked great questions. Hopefully you find our answers helpful.

Here are some links you might like, relating to some of the questions you asked:

Running related posts, 6 Training Runs you Should Be Doing to Improve Your Speed, Track Workout for Speed & Endurance: Goal Race Pace Memorization.

Sample Meal Plan.

Bender Bikini Competition Diet.

I took a Ballet class tonight, so I didn’t have time to film a new workout. I will be filming a new workout when I get home from work tomorrow. In the mean time you can check out my BodyRock Boot Camp Week 4 Schedule, or try my Dancer Body Workout, which combines dance inspired moves with dumbbells.

Have fun and we will see you tomorrow!

Melissa & Jesse

6 thoughts on “BenderFitness Q&A: How to Run Faster, How Many Calories Do you Need, Fave Exercises & More!

  1. Chelsea

    This is very helpful. Thank you both for doing this and for keeping all your workouts and advice FREE!! I love that you said that it is your human right to be healthy and happy.

  2. Chelsea

    This is very helpful! It means so much to me and I’m sure to everyone else that you are kind enough to share your workouts as well as your advice for FREE! Thank you Melissa and Jesse!!

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