Exercise and the Multi-tasking: Weekly Workout Schedule for a Busy Lifestyle

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Multi-tasking has become a way of life for many of us. To-Do list items can out number hours of the day. When you have more obligations than time what falls by the wayside? For many of us it’s exercise, nutrition and sleep. Three things that are vital to our well being, yet often get pushed aside as unnecessary expenditures of our energy. I have created a one week workout schedule for those times when we are to busy to fit it in. This is a well rounded weekly workout plan. 

Lately, fitting in my workouts has been tough. I have had plans to film workouts, but with buying a house, moving, helping my mom move, helping to plan my sister’s baby shower, throwing a baby shower, working full time, having family and friends in from out of state, and blogging (among other things) my plans haven’t always been successful. 

My plan is to film 5 new workouts this week. If for some reason I am unable to film, I will be doing whichever workout is on this schedule for the day. This way, time is not an excuse for missing a workout. This schedule is tough, but effective.  

This is a weekly workout schedule that fits into a busy life style. It’s good to have a plan to fall back on. 🙂



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12 thoughts on “Exercise and the Multi-tasking: Weekly Workout Schedule for a Busy Lifestyle

  1. WOW! She’s amazing, she is so strong. I salute her for that. Anyways, are you guys looking for a personal trainer? You can check this website noexcusefitness.com or you may call them on (949) 313-4034 for the details you need to know if you want to get one. They surely got great trainers.

  2. I think this should help me get back on track. I have so many things to do these days that it’s overwhelming to work out when all I’m consumed with is everything on my to-do list. Thanks for this Melissa!

  3. Johanna

    This is brilliant! I am so much more motivated when I have a weekly schedule. this week’s been great so far thanks to you! 🙂 thank you so much.

  4. I am really excited to start trying your workouts! My boyfriend and I did two of your core workouts today and they were awesome! We are very out of shape and can’t wait to push ourselves to get back in shape. Thank you for some serious motivation! Your physical fitness is beyond inspiring and your workouts are fun and unique. :]

  5. Not only are home workouts just as good as gym workouts when it comes to gaining lean muscle mass but most people do not realize the incredible time efficiency of working out at home. A sixty minute home workout takes … well, 60 minutes. On the other hand a “60 minute” gym workout takes far longer. People often forget the fifteen minutes driving each way to the gym adds 30 minutes. Navigating the cramped locker room to undress and dress adds another 10 minutes. Waiting for the equipment you need to open up adds another 10 minutes. Chatting with the staff after your workout adds 10 minutes. By the time you are back home, your “60 minute” gym workout has taken you two hours. In this day and age, most people are frantically busy and many claim they “dont have time” to workout – home workouts are a great solution to staying strong, muscular, and ripped on a tight schedule.

  6. helen mcglynn

    love all your workouts im a full time mum and i love escaping to my sitting room every night when i get everyone to bed ,only found your site when googling one night for tummy workout .i go to a running club 3 nights a week already but wanted somthing more ,love all your workouts and ruuning stretches ,ive started doing your yoga aswell .when im feeling lazy you motivate me to get up and do a workout .you have a fantastic body .and a great role model thank you xxxxx00000

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Melissa!
    Thanks for all your awesome workouts. I had a question. I’ve been doing your workouts since November and love it. I’ve lost inches and 11 pounds. I was wondering though if you had any extra advice for stubborn tummy weight? I just had my 3 baby in September and have weight around the tummy from each pregnancy still it seems! It just seems to be the place that’s hardest for me. I’ve seen fat basically melting off everywhere else but there! I know I have to be patient and all but if you have any more ideas I’m excited to hear. So far I’ve just been repeating your first 30 day challenge and your weekly routines. 🙂 Thanks for any extra advice!!

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