30 Minute Yoga Flow

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Hi Everyone,

Last night I needed to get in a nice soothing stretch/workout, so I did this yoga flow. It felt great to stretch out and do some yoga. 🙂 

I love the glow I feel after a yoga workout. It’s a combination of calm and energy. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga tend to be more in tune with their body. They recognize their bodies signals such as hunger and sickness more accurately than those who don’t practice yoga. 

When performing a yoga flow it’s important to focus on all aspects of the movement. Try to be present in the moment, and in tune with what you are experiencing. The practice of yoga can be very similar to meditation in that you learn to focus on what you are experiencing. 


5 thoughts on “30 Minute Yoga Flow

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Melissa, I am following your blog for almost a year now. I’m not always able to do your workouts but everytime I visit your page it is really motivating and also informative for me. I think its an amazing thing to do what you do for others. I especially liked your post with the “overcomming fear”-topic which helped me a lot move my thoughts back in the right direction. I put some of your streching moves together and will take them with me on my two weeks of vacation so I will feel awesome during the holidays ;)Thanks for all your work and providing so much info and stuff for free!take care and all the best wishes from overseas, An

  2. Great Video! Side note: Yoga breathing is usually just through your nose! Save mouth breathing for cleansing breaths after an intense flow. You’ll notice a difference!

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