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Exercise and the Multi-tasking: Weekly Workout Schedule for a Busy Lifestyle

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Multi-tasking has become a way of life for many of us. To-Do list items can out number hours of the day. When you have more obligations than time what falls by the wayside? For many of us it’s exercise, nutrition and sleep. Three things that are vital to our well being, yet often get pushed aside as unnecessary expenditures of our energy. I have created a one week workout schedule for those times when we are to busy to fit it in. This is a well rounded weekly workout plan. 

Lately, fitting in my workouts has been tough. I have had plans to film workouts, but with buying a house, moving, helping my mom move, helping to plan my sister’s baby shower, throwing a baby shower, working full time, having family and friends in from out of state, and blogging (among other things) my plans haven’t always been successful. 

My plan is to film 5 new workouts this week. If for some reason I am unable to film, I will be doing whichever workout is on this schedule for the day. This way, time is not an excuse for missing a workout. This schedule is tough, but effective.  

This is a weekly workout schedule that fits into a busy life style. It’s good to have a plan to fall back on. 🙂


23 Minute HIIT Interval Workout

Quick Sexy Stomach Workout

Improve Your Rear View

Target Area: Arms

Got Sweat? Full Body Fat Burn

25 Minute Home Yoga Flow

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