30 Day Fitness Challenges


Welcome to my 30 Day Workout Challenges! 

You can choose any of my 30-Day Challenges to start with! Remember, if you need an active rest day to let your body recover get out and take a 15 minute walk or jog. Keep yourself moving!

Don’t forget to check in and let me know how you’re doing, and if you’re keeping up with the challenge! You can check in on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter



Original 30 Day Workout Challenge


New 30 Day Workout Challenge


30 Day Sculpted Abs Challenge


DietBet Challenge Workouts

HIIT the New Year Hard Workout Challenge



43 thoughts on “30 Day Fitness Challenges

  1. Anonymous

    Melissa, I’m not sure if you updated your website but I can not access any of the 30 day challenges from my phone anymore 🙁

  2. I like the new format, though the older one was a bit easier to find the workouts in the dropping sidebar on the right. One of my fav challenges of yours was the BIKINI PREP/BODY SCULPT Challenge! It would be awesome if you could make a page for that challenge aswell, so that we could find the workouts much faster. 🙂 I would love you even more for that .

  3. Ally J

    Dear Melissa, first I’d like to thank you for posting these workouts. I am a skinny fat girl, weighing 107 pounds with barely any butt and super skinny legs. I store fat in my mid section, and have never really worked out to get rid of it. Now I’d like to be fit, and have been looking for programs like yours, with no success. What would you advise me to start with? I’m off on vacation in 4 months, and I will be wearing a swimsuit for the first time in forever(I had many surgeries when I was 12-13 and this is the reason I had to stop working out and let myself look like that). Any advice would be very appreciated, as I am willing to do whatever it takes for me to get my self-esteem back. Thank you!

  4. asia mason

    I saw you workouts on youtube. and im a single mom with 2 kids and my own business and im wanting to loose weight and fast can you please help me. im new to the whole work out scene,

  5. getting stronger every day

    Hi. I left a message previously and certainly understand you are busy but I was hoping you could help me. I have had 3 lower abdominal surgeries in the less than 2 years and there is no strength in my stomach. I need some exercises to build my core but I don’t want to cause another hernia. Thanks.

    • benderfitness

      Hi, I responded to your last message. 🙂 What you are able/allowed to do depends on how long ago your most recent surgery was, and what restrictions your doctor has given you. Are you still under restrictions? Did your doctor tell you to avoid any specific movements?

  6. Anonymous

    Oh. Thank you. Somehow i never saw it. The most recent surgery was 5 months ago so all restrictions are off but i am left feeling a bit like a turtle whenever i am trying to use my stomach to sit up, etc. i have also noticed that my lower back aches when i run. I say run, but it’s more of a jog/walk because i just started that in February. 🙂 Any suggestions would be appreciated. If it applies, Happy Mother’s!

    • benderfitness

      No problem! Lower back pain is common with core weakness, your back and sides actually need to be worked to provide a balanced core workout. A great place to start is with isometric exercises (exercises where you maintain one position the entire time). Good examples are: plank, side plank (both sides), reverse plank, and maintaining a seated or standing position and pulling your core in tight & holding that position as long as you are able (similar to sucking in your stomach, but making sure you can still breath). As you start exercising be sure to monitor your body for it’s response to exercise and pace yourself as needed. When you are able to hold all of those isometric exercises with good form you should be ready to start adding in more movements. I definitely recommend double checking with your doctor to make sure there are no movements you should avoid. As far as the low back pain, as your core strengthens that will decrease, but Glute, Hamstring and Lower Back exercises also assist with maintaining correct hip and back alignment when running. Supermans, Squats (holding both arms overhead to assist with form), and Lunges with a focus on form can be a big help, along with a regular stretching routine. I hope that helps!

  7. Kayron

    51 year old woman in decent shape, 5’2″ 110 lbs used to do flavia del montes workouts 60 min then swtched to vsrious short hiit type workoits. Goal is to get leaner tighter legs and arms, have good abs ut want more definition, ot sure which of your workoits to start with…I work out at home have some weights, ball and bands

  8. benderfitness

    You can definitely do this! The main thing is becoming consistent & making it a part of your normal routine. 🙂 Keep me posted on how it goes!

    As far as feeling sick, that can happen with high intensity workouts. Be sure to do a warm-up and a cool down when you finish (marching in place, gentle jumping jacks & some stretching). It will help your blood pressure normalize & keep it from being such a shock to your system.

  9. Colignon Caroline

    Hello Melissa
    Do you think you could do a 30 days challenge focused on legs and butt ?
    I did your new 30 days workout challenge, the dietbet weight loss challenge but I see more results on my abs and arms and I’d like to muscle my butt and legs.
    Thank you for your motivation (I love sport since I find your website)

  10. Ashlee

    Hello Melissa,

    I had a bulging lower disc. So now, forever lower back issues.

    I read above that planks, superman and squats should help. Do you recommend doing those until my body tells me I’m stronger before doing any of the challenges? Is there a certain challenge that has more of the “holding” exercises that you can point me to? I would loooove to do your bikini prep…but it seems whenever I get started doing something I reinjure my back or have another sorta set back.

    Thank you!


    • benderfitness

      Hi Ashlee, That depends. Has your doctor recommended avoiding any specific exercises? I have a lot of low impact workouts that you might like, but some of them involve twisting, which might not be the best option for you.

  11. Kayla

    I have a wedding in less than eight weeks and have recently put on weight what program do you recommend to kick this in the butt and get my arms thighs and tummy back in shape?

  12. Melissa L

    Hi Melissa!

    My hubs and I are committing to a 30-day challenge starting tomorrow. We are runners as well, running 3-4 times a week. Which challenge would you suggest we start with? Thank you in advance!

    Melissa L

  13. On day 29 of your new 30 day workout challenge. Absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for being my motivation to get back in shape. Just now looking through your challenges to decide which one to start next. I am amazed at all the options. Again thank you so much for all that you do!

  14. Christy

    Hi Melissa,

    Will you have a link on this page (or somewhere else on your website) for the current challenge you have going on, with the whole month posted together like your other challenges?

    Thank you!!!!!

  15. Lyanne

    Hi Melissa, I’m on day 7 of your bikini prep workout. How many rounds do you do to get the most out of your 30 days? I’ve only one one round each day but feel like maybe I wouldn’t see much results with only 15 mins? I’m 5’3 and 165 lbs, please help!

  16. Julie

    You are amazing! I appreciate all the hard work of planning, video taping, and posting all of your workouts, recipes, and your replies to those who have questions. Keep up the great work!!

  17. Elfego

    Thanks for the 10 week boot camp. It has helped me a bunch for the Spartan Beast race in Lake Tahoe last month. No doubt I will continue to push myself thanks to you

  18. Tiffany

    Hi melissa,
    I have been following your workouts for over a year now. I am trying to get lean and also build lean muscle. Which 30 day fitness challenge would you recommend? I would like to lose about 5 pounds and get to about 21% body fat which I am currently at about 25%.

  19. Britney

    Hello! I just had my second c-section in July and have gained a lot of extra weight. My goal is to lose 30lbs. What workout would you recommend I do to help she’d weight, tone and get rid of this pudgy belly? TIA!

  20. Michelle Santoya

    Hi Melissa! I’m currently on day 23 of the original 30 day workout challenge and going to do your 12 wk bikini challenge next. I’m also doing the 30 day booty sculpt move of the day challenge. I’m on day 15 of that, but there aren’t any videos posted past day 15. Will you be adding more soon? I am really wanting to continue that challenge! Thank you for making these available!

  21. Tiffany

    Hi Melissa –
    I’d like to lean out. My legs seem a big too bulky and muscular. I’d like to go for the slimmer lean look. Which program would you recommend ?

  22. Divya

    Hi Melissa,
    Are all your workouts safe for diastatis recti? If not, which ones are ok to do with 2-2.5 finger gap? Please let me know.

    Thanks much.


  23. Tara Forsman

    Melissa these workouts look great, I have a vacation in 6 weeks… I am 5’4 165 pounds (overweight) my back fat, arms especially my arm jiggle, my whole core, love Handel’s, butt and thighs all need a major workout! I know this will be a long jury for me to get back in shape and and loose all the weight I need to lose to be at a healthy weight. But wich 30 day work challenge would be best to take care of all those areas and feel and look the best I can befor my vacation in 6weeks?

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