Sculpted Glutes: Jump and Burn Workout: Cardio + Strength Training

Home Workout for stronger glutes and legs.
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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to today’s workout! We are focused on sculpting and strengthening the lower body, especially the glutes. For this workout you will need two dumbbells, a jump rope (optional) and a sturdy chair or bench. We will use the bench for two exercises: the sit to stand and step ups. I use a jump rope for the cardio burst sections, but you can substitute high knees or any other cardio of your choice.

Challenge yourself today! Get sweaty, don’t be afraid of being uncomfortable, rest if necessary and then get right back into the workout. You will find the full length workout video and workout breakdown below.

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New Workouts (and an Impromptu Date Day):

Behind the scenes I have been working on a new 4-week workout challenge. It’s going to be a part of the new subscription site that I am launching in addition to the free workouts that I will continue to share here. I’m almost done filming the workouts and discussion videos, and then I will be sharing more new workouts here as well.

On Saturday Jesse and I took a break, and had a fun date day. My mom took our kids to see Hot Air Balloons, and Jesse and I went on an amazing Horse Back Trail Ride. Part of me feels a little bit guilty for not filming workouts that day, while we had some uninterrupted time, but prioritizing our relationship is an important part of our life balance.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout! It’s a fantastic one! Let me know what you think.



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Equipment: Timer set for 15 rounds of 50/30, jump rope, and two dumbbells. You will also need a chair or bench that you can do sit to stands and step up onto.

Max Reps Jump Roping during each 30 second interval.
Max Reps during each 50 second interval.
Total Workout Time: 20 Minutes

*High Knees can be substituted for Jumping Rope. 

1. Squat Jump
-Jump Rope
2. Side Lunge Punch
-Jump Rope
3. Single Leg Hip Thrust (right)
-Jump Rope
4. Single Leg Hip Thrust (left)
-Jump Rope
5. Monkey Tuck Jump
-Jump Rope
6. Plie Jump
-Jump Rope
7. Romanian Deadlift
-Jump Rope
8. Chair Lunge
-Jump Rope
9. Sit to Stand (right)
-Jump Rope
10. Sit to Stand (left)
-Jump Rope
11. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right)
-Jump Rope
12. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
-Jump Rope
13. Step Up (right)
-Jump Rope
14. Step Up (left)
-Jump Rope
15. Burpee

Repeat 1-3X

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