21-Minute Full Body Workout with Dumbbells

21-minute total body BenderFitness workout
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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to today’s 21-Minute Full Body Workout. For today’s workout you will need some dumbbells. I alternated between 12 and 15 pound dumbbells during this routine. Aim for maximum repetitions during each interval of this workout. Not only will you build strength, but you will also work on your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

I really enjoy this routine, because it activates all of the muscles in your body. It’s quick and effective, so it’s perfect if you’re short on time, but need a great workout you can do anywhere. If you don’t have dumbbells you can also do this routine with body weight. To do the Tricep Drop without a dumbbell, place your palms together in prayer position throughout the movement and focus on the stretch and squeeze of the triceps (the muscles at the back of your arms).

As always, you will find the full length workout video and the exercise tutorial photos below.

Mental Health:

I firmly believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. For me, a regular exercise routine is one of the things that I use to help maintain my mental health. It helps me to respond to things more calmly, and improves my overall energy. There have been so many terrible things happening in the world right now that have been soul crushing to see, hear and read about.

I am not someone who cries often. In fact, until recently I would have guessed that I haven’t cried at all in the past year or two, but I recently found myself crying on a daily basis and grappling with disbelief at the harm people are capable of inflicting on each other.

I am an action driven person, so I made a list of the actions that are in my power (making donations, writing to my political representatives, focusing on the joy right in front of me, continuing to pray) and I directed all of the excess physical energy I had into movement and projects around our home. I am also making a concentrated effort to get back into a good meditation routine, which has helped.

In general, I have good mental health and a lot of coping skills in my life, as well as a wonderful support system. If you don’t have tools at your disposal (or the ones you do have aren’t helping) I highly recommend seeking out a therapist or mental health professional. It might be a bit of bias (my undergraduate degree is in psychology), but I firmly believe all humans can benefit from therapy and learning techniques to help maintain their mental health.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout. Let me know in the comments what you thought, and if you have any tools that you find help you maintain good mental health feel free to share them in the comments. You never know who you are going to help.

See you soon,


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The Workout:

Set your interval timer for 21-Rounds of 10/50. 

  1. Squat and Curl
  2. Russian Twist
  3. Wood Chopper: Right
  4. Wood Chopper: Left
  5. Lunge to Hop: Right
  6. Lunge to Hop: Left
  7. Tricep Drop

*This sequence is repeated 3X for a full 21-Minute Workout.

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