5 Free Home Workouts to Try This Week

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s workouts! This week we have two options. You can join me in repeating my 6-Week Workout + Mile Run Challenge or you can go through the weekly recommended workouts. Pick whichever suits your goals best. Both are great workout options. Figure out which program you will stick to and be consistent with.

A huge part of sticking to a workout program is figuring out what you enjoy and what makes you feel good/accomplished. We are trying to establish a consistently healthy routine, not force our bodies to do something we hate.

In my Home Workout Group on Facebook we are going through the 6-Week Challenge. The 1-Mile Run challenge is a great way to incorporate running workouts, which are hugely beneficial to overall fitness, without spending a ton of time hitting the pavement.

I start teaching a Jogging Kinesiology course in a few weeks and I need to get myself back into running consistently before the class starts. I’m a big fan of practicing what I preach, so I prefer to apply the concepts that I am teaching to my own life and workouts.

Let me know in the comments which workout option you selected.

Have fun!


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Option 1: Five Workouts To Do This Week

Workout 1: 30-Minute Total Body Workout with No Equipment.

Total Body, No Equipment: 30-Minute Home Workout with Cool Down Stretch

Workout 2: Core + Cardio Workout.

12-Minute Ab Toning Workout + 10-Minute Cardio Fat Burning Workout

Workout 3: No Equipment Lower Body Workout (No Jumping).

No Equipment Lower Body Workout: 16-Minutes Per Round – No Jumping

Workout 4: Yoga Strength and Stretch.

Yoga Strength & Stretch Workout: 20 Minute Flow for Long, Lean Muscles

Workout 5: 21-Minute Total Body Workout with Dumbbells.

21-Minute Total Body Workout with Dumbbells

Option 2: Body Sculpt + 1-Mile Run Challenge

Suitable for those who want to become stronger, faster and run a faster mile time. This is a great full body fitness program that combines strength and cardiovascular health.

Fit and Fun Summer: Run & Body Sculpt Workout Challenge: Week 1

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