Fit and Fun Summer: Run & Body Sculpt Workout Challenge: Week 1

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Week 1 of my Fit and Fun Summer Challenge.

For the next six weeks we will be continuing the Body Sculpt Workouts and working on getting a faster mile running time. I’m also hosting a StepBet Challenge to keep everyone motivated to hit those goals over the next 6-weeks.

If you are interested, you can join the StepBet Challenge by downloading the app, and searching for BenderFitness. For the game, you place a $40 bet that you can hit your step goal for the next six weeks. It will tell you what your goal is before you join the game. If you hit your goal each week you win and split the money in the pot with all the other winners. Full Disclosure: BenderFitness is also compensated for hosting this challenge.

I’ve had a hard time hitting my steps and staying active since we started Stay at Home orders, so I will be participating in the challenge as a way to increase my overall activity level and keep moving throughout the day.

What You Need to Know

Over the next 6-Weeks you can choose to participate in the Body Sculpt Challenge and The Mile Speed Running Challenge, or you can pick one to participate in.

I will be updating this page with each workout as we add them throughout the week. If you ever need to substitute a Body Sculpt Workout (for example, you need to modify the workout schedule and the next workout isn’t posted yet), you can find my other 40-Minute Workouts here:

For the Running Challenge: When I refer to Easy, Moderate or Hard effort, we are talking about the intensity level of the run. We will use an intensity scale of 1-10 to help define each pace.

Easy: Effort Level 1-3 out of 10. You should be able to carry on a conversation at this pace.

Moderate: Effort Level 4-7 out of 10. You can still talk at this intensity level, but you are limited to short responses if someone was talking to you during your workout.

Hard: Effort Level 8-10 out of 10. If someone talks to you, you would be able to respond with one word answers. This is high intensity, and not a conversational pace.

Our Schedule this Week

Below you will find the running and workout schedule for this week. You can choose to complete both, or focus on one area.

You also have the option of adding additional running to this schedule. This is optional in order to make the Mile Speed Challenge accessible for runners of all levels, and to prevent over-training. It’s important to listen to your body during the challenge and adjust as needed.

Optional Runs: You can choose to complete two additional “easy” run days of 30-Minutes or less. OR You can choose to run 1-mile at an “easy” pace 2-3 Days this week.

If you are adding one mile, I recommend adding them on your Body Sculpt Workout Days. Depending on your current running and fitness level, you can choose to substitute a 30-Minute Run Day for a Total Body Sculpt Workout, or complete it in addition to your workout.

Day 1: 1-Mile Time Trial + Tabata Bonus Burn Workout #1

*Complete your Mile Time Trial BEFORE your Tabata Workout. Typically, I recommend running after a workout so your body isn’t tired during your reps. For your time trial you don’t want to be tired, because it will impact your speed.

For the 1-Mile Time Trial. Start with a warm-up of 5-10 minutes. This can be walking, jogging, jump rope, or any activity that gets your body warm and your heart rate up. This will help you perform at a higher level of intensity when you complete your mile time trial.

After you are warmed up, get your watch or timer ready. You can complete your run outside, on a track, or on a treadmill. There are plenty of free running apps that will track your run using GPS.

Start your watch and run one mile as quickly as you can. If you need to walk at any point, that’s fine, but keep moving and don’t stop your timer until you hit the one mile mark. This is your starting place. We are working to improve your speed. At the end of six weeks, we are going to test our mile times again to see how much we were able to improve.

Round 1
1. Lateral Hop
2. Pendulum Tap: Right
3. Pendulum Tap: Left
4. Low Jack

Round 2
1. Squat Jump
2. Goblet Squat
3. Warrior III: Right
4. Warrior III: Left

Round 3
1. Plie Jump
2. Goddess Pulse
3. Lunge Pulse
4. Burpee

Day 2: Body Sculpt Workout #12

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Forward Lunge: Right
3. Forward Lunge: Left
4. Hydrant: Right
5. Hydrant: Left
6. Side V-Up: Right
7. Side V-Up: Left
8. Floor Tap Squat
9. Bird Dog: Right
10. Bird Dog: Left
11. Heel Slides
12. Reverse Plank
13. V-Slip Under
14. Tricep Push-up: Right
15. Tricep Push-up: Left
16. Orthodox Jab to Uppercut: Alternating
17. Cross Punch: Right
18. Cross Punch: Left
19. Kneeling Oblique Hip Tap: Right
20. Kneeling Oblique Hip Tap: Left
21. Hip Thrust: Right
22. Hip Thrust: Left
23. Goddess Elbow to Knee Tao
24. Locust Stretch
25. Crescent Pulse with Heel Lift: Right
26. Crescent Pulse with Heel Lift: Left
27. Warrior III Knee Abduction: Right
28. Warrior III Knee Abduction: Left

Day 3: Body Sculpt Workout #13

1. Curtsy Lunge: Right
2. Curtsy Lunge: Left
3. One Arm Burpee
4. Plié Jump
5. Chair to Warrior III 
6. Twisted V-Up: Right
7. Twisted V-Up: Left
8. Super Swim
9. Side Plank Knee/Leg: Right
10. Side Plank Knee/Leg: Left
11. Rotating Pushups 
12. Tricep Drop
13. Curl
14. Reverse Plank
15. Mountain Climbers
16. Heel Tap Jump Squat
17. Pendulum Squat
18. Foot Slide Squat: Right
19. Foot Slide Squat: Left
20. Pretzel Lift: Right
21. Pretzel Lift: Left
22. Push-up Jacks
23. Temple Tap Abs
24. Side Plank Reach: Right
25. Side Plank Reach: Left
26. Hydrant: Alternating 
27. Superman Burpee
28. Hip Thrust

Day 4: Hill Sprints + Tabata Bonus Burn Workout #2

Hill Sprints: Hill Sprints build strength and speed in your legs. They train your body and mind to work at a high intensity level.

Easy Paced Warm-up: 5-10 Minutes. We are going to complete five 30-second Hill Sprints. You are going to set your timer for 30-seconds, and run uphill as quickly as you can.

You should be at a Hard Intensity Level during each sprint. Try to get to the same point (or further!) during each 30-second sprint.

If you already run consistently you will keep your rest short: jog or walk back to your starting point and quickly start the next repeat. If you are newer to running or speed work, jog or walk back to the start, and wait until your breathing returns to normal in between each Hill Sprint.

Cool down with an easy paced run or Walk, approximately 5-10 minutes.

1. Bicycle Glutes
2. Side Plank Hip Tap: Right
3. Side Plank Hip Tap: Left
4. Plank Toe Tap

1. High Knees
2. Mountain Climbers
3. High Knees
4. Frogger

1. Russian Twist
2. Three Point Leg Lift
3. Sit Thru
4. Superman

Day 5: Body Sculpt Workout #14

1. Squat
2. Pendulum Tap: Rught
3. Pendulum Tap: Left
4. Leg Circle: Right
5. Leg Circle: Left
6. Extended Hydrant: Right
7. Extended Hydrant: Left
8. Leg Series: Right
9. Leg Series: Left
10. Seated Twist: Right
11. Seated Twist: Left
12. Superman
13. Leg/Hip Lift
14. Plank Knee Tap: Right
15. Plank Knee Tap: Left
16. Temple Tap Abs
17. Plank Leg Lift
18. Spiderman: Right
19. Spiderman: Left
20. Sumo Pushups
21. Reverse Plank
22. Scapular Squeeze
23. Tricep Push-up: Right
24. Tricep Push-up : Left
25. Walk the Plank
26. Forward Kicks
27. Lunge to Warrior III
28. Lunge to Warrior III

Day 6: Tempo Run

We are varying our intensity and effort during our run today. This gets our body and mind used to working at a harder pace for shorter periods of time. This helps your legs become faster and stronger, without wearing your body down.

Start with a 5-minute warm-up at an easy pace. Complete 2-3 Minutes at a Moderate Pace. 5-Minutes Easy Pace. 2-3 Minutes Moderate. 5-Minutes Easy to cool down.

Total Run Time: 19-21 Minutes.

Day 7: Rest

7 thoughts on “Fit and Fun Summer: Run & Body Sculpt Workout Challenge: Week 1

  1. Brandy Lay

    Day 3 today, and my legs are still sore from 2 Rounds of Burn #1 after my mile run!! Wooooohooooo! hahahaha

  2. Deana

    I am doing these workouts out of order but having a lot of fun. Thank you for the accountability and for these workouts, they’re perfect! I’ve even dropped 1.5# already!! Woot woot. Thanks again.

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