Reset Workout #9: Total Body No Equipment Exercises

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to a brand new week of workouts! We are starting the week with a 28-Minute Total Body Workout. This is a throwback workout. I filmed it when I was pregnant with my daughter, last summer. You don’t need any equipment, and you can work to your own level. For example, if you want to amp up the intensity you can choose to add dumbbells or a weighted vest to the workout.

I will be filming new workouts this week. My goal is to have three new workouts and two throwback workouts. I’ve been struggling a bit to get things in. I’m having some tough days and I’m not sure if that’s due to postpartum hormones, the pandemic, lack of sleep, or a combination of all of the above.

Yesterday I intentionally set aside my plan to film a workout, because I was dealing with some anxiety, and I knew I needed to get outside and have some relaxed time with my family. We went on a hike together, and the time spent in nature did wonders for my disposition. I feel badly that I didn’t post the Saturday workout that I had planned, but I needed sunshine and the smell of crushed leaves.

Esmé falling asleep on our family hike.

Metal health is an important part of overall health, and I try to give my mental health the same care and attention that I dedicate to my physical health. Sometimes, that means an unplanned day off and other times that means an extra sweaty intense workout. Learn to listen to what your body needs.

We have another great vegan recipe from Rose this week. It’s easy Vegan Tacos. I brought some tofu, and I’m planning to try it tonight for #MeatlessMonday. Of course, there is always taco Tuesday, although I personally enjoy tacos any day of the week.

Let me know what you think of today’s workout, and our recipes this week. I have a frittata recipe, zoodle antipasto salad and a smoothie recipe to share. If there is a certain recipe you want to see next, let me know!

Have a great start to the workout week!


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Always consult your doctor before starting this or any workout program. You can follow along with the workout video, and check out the photo tutorial below. 

Interval Timer Set for 28 Rounds of 10/50. 

1. In/Out Squat

2. Quadruped Rainbow-Right

3. Quadruped Rainbow-Left

4. Hydrant-Right

5. Hydrant-Left

6. Reach Through Hip Lift

7. Elbow Tap Side Plank-Right

8. ElbowTap Side Plank-Left

9. Reverse Plank Leg Lift

10. Angel Abs

11. Forearm Plank to Dolphin

12. Tricep Push-up-Right

13. Tricep Push-up – Left

14. Table Dips

15. Toe Tap Push-ups

16. Walk the Plank

17. Mountain Climbers

18. Floor Tap Hop-Right

19. Floor Tap Hop-Left

20. Plié Jump

21. Pendulum Squat-Right

22. Pendulum Squat-Left

23. Squats

24. Down Dog Heel Press-Right

25. Down Dog Heel Press-Left

26. Figure Four Pulse-Right

27. Figure Four Pulse-Left

28. Plié Pulse

Quadruped Rainbow: Part 1
Quadruped Rainbow: Part 2
Reach Through Hip Lift: Part 1
Reach Through Hip Lift: Part 2
Side Plank Elbow Tap
Reverse Plank Leg Lift Part 1
Reverse Plank Leg Lift: Part 2
Angel Abs
Forearm Plank to Dolphin
Tricep Push-ups
Table Dip
Toe Touch Push-ups
Walk the Plank
Mountain Climbers
Floor Tap Hop: Part 1
Floor Tap Hop: Part 2
Plié Jump
Pendulum Squat: Complete all Reps on one side, before moving on to the other side. 
Down Dog Heel Press
Figure 4 Pulse
Plié Pulse

3 thoughts on “Reset Workout #9: Total Body No Equipment Exercises

  1. Christine C

    Never feel badly for not posting. You give so much of yourself on here and we are very grateful! I struggle with anxiety as well and giving yourself a mental health day(s) is important. Working out with you helps immensely with my mental health and I thank you so much for that! And I’m happy to revisit the hundreds of amazing workouts on here hundreds of times. 🙂
    Be well. xo

  2. Estelle

    Hi Melissa, thanks a lot for this workout. I did it yesterday and today, with 20min of warm up, 10min of cool down.
    Hope you take time for your wellness mentaly and physicaly.
    You look amazing. Your body seems as if nothing happened and you are getting stronger each time I see you. You are a great teacher, always in evolution. If you can explain how you are doing the position you showed on instagram with hands on the floor between your open legs straight and up torso flex towards your legs,
    ,I want to do this one too.
    Send you love.

  3. Christine C

    Hey Melissa,
    You have given us hundreds of workouts on your site so don’t feel badly for not posting, everyone deserves time for themselves. I struggle with anxiety as well and your workouts (new or old) help my mental health immensely, thank you for all you do! Hope you feel better.

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