Total Body Sculpt: Workout #14: Full Body Home Workout and Cardio

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Total Body Sculpt Workout #14. This is a fantastic full body workout. Total Workout Time is 40-Minutes, and you don’t need any equipment.

Be sure to have some water handy to stay hydrated. Before each strength move, we have a cardio burst. Varying the intensity of the cardio is a great way to modify the workout. You can use the cardio intervals as a rest break, march in place, jog in place, do high knees, jump rope, add Burpees or mountain climbers. You want to work to an intensity level that is challenging for you.

On a scale of 0-10 workout intensity you want this workout to be 7-9. That means, you are working hard, sweating and breathing heavy, but you are able to keep going. If at any time you need to pause, that’s totally fine! Just get back into the workout when you are ready.

Workout burn.

Let me know what you think of today’s workout! Tag me on IG or FB. I love to see your check in posts. I enjoy cheering you on, and hearing about your workout successes!

The Body Sculpt series has been one of my favorite series so far. I hope that you’re enjoying it. Is there a certain workout series you would like to see next? Let me know in the comments.

Post workout flex.

See you soon, with another new workout. 


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1. Squat
2. Pendulum Tap: Right
3. Pendulum Tap: Left
4. Leg Circle: Right
5. Leg Circle: Left
6. Extended Hydrant: Right
7. Extended Hydrant: Left
8. Leg Series: Right
9. Leg Series: Left
10. Seated Twist: Right
11. Seated Twist: Left
12. Superman 
13. Leg/Hip Lift
14. Plank Knee Tap: Right
15. Plank Knee Tap: Left
16. Temple Tap Abs 
17. Plank Leg Lift
18. Spiderman: Right
19. Spiderman: Left
20. Sumo Pushups 
21. Reverse Plank
22. Scapular Squeeze
23. Tricep Push-up: Right
24. Tricep Push-up : Left 
25. Walk the Plank
26. Forward Kicks
27. Lunge to Warrior III 
28. Lunge to Warrior III

7 thoughts on “Total Body Sculpt: Workout #14: Full Body Home Workout and Cardio

  1. Jeanette

    I love these body sculpt workouts, too. They are very challenging. I love the insulated cup with your logo on it. Do you have them available for purchase?

  2. Hailee

    Thank you, Melissa! I look forward to these workouts so much! This one and the previous sculpting one were great. For future, I’d love to see more workouts with a stability ball from time to time. I do older videos you have up and they always seem to be super effective for hitting different muscle groups.

  3. I have a question and comment – your workouts are totally the best. I was not getting challenged at without a format I hated – I love your calm approach. You are simply adorable! But a question – how did you get your arms in such condition as they have been from time to time? I don’t see too many weight workouts – were you lifting aside from your workouts you post?

    • benderfitness

      No, the workouts you see are the workouts I do, with the occasional addition of pull-ups, which are great for the arms and back. That said, I tend to naturally be a bit leaner in my arms than my lower body, so on me it’s a place that shows muscle more quickly.

      HIIT, push-ups, tricep drops, bicep curls and dips are some great exercises to target the arms. Depending on your body’s response to exercise, incorporating one day of heavier weighted arm exercises can be beneficial in increasing definition through the arms.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  4. TP

    Hello Melissa,
    I do want to thank your for sharing such a high quality training exercises for free – it is beyond generous!
    Your workouts are very challenging, tremendously well-balanced, and extremely effective.
    After following your 6-weeks “Run & Total Body Sculpt Challenge” program, I could see (and feel) the difference…
    May be blessed , you and your family!

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