Total Body Sculpt #7: Full Body Interval Workout, No Equipment Needed

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Body Sculpt Workout #7. This is a fantastic total body workout. You are going to get in Cardio and Total Body Sculpting during this 40-Minute Workout.

This routine is body weight, so no equipment is required, but you are going to work up a great sweat.

Post Workout Sweat!

Focus on form during each exercise. You can check out the photo workout tutorial before starting the video, to get a great idea of what to expect.

Continue to support your workouts (and your overall health!) with nutrient dense meal choices.

When I have a little bit more free time, I will be posting more recipes. I am finishing up the semester teaching my online Kinesiology class, and still adjusting to life as a parent of two. I’m starting to get into a good flow.

Shrimp Power Bowl: Shrimp, Kale, Carrots, and Pepitas over Brown Rice.
I topped this with a Peanut, Lime Soy Sauce.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout! Let me know what you think!


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Temple Tap Abs
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10 thoughts on “Total Body Sculpt #7: Full Body Interval Workout, No Equipment Needed

  1. Anonymous

    I had to crawl to my water bottle after this one.
    Sooo good!
    I drank tons of water yesterday, I had a great sleep last night, and drank one cup of coffee this morning before my work out with you. All that lead to an amazing 40 mins, so sweaty! Thank you Bender family.
    And congratulations on baby You have such a joyful, beautiful family.

  2. Jenna Pomeroy

    Super sweaty once again! Thanks for another great workout! Would love to see some more weighted interval or different types of cardio to change it up!

  3. Tyler Davis

    So helpful to have your workouts at this strange time! My youngest is just a little older than your new baby, so it’s nice to have someone at a good level to pace myself with in terms of building strength postpartum. During one of your recent workouts, my baby started crying and it took us a second to figure out which baby it was! Too cute. 🙂

  4. Brandy Lay

    Amazing as always! These Total Body workouts have been great as I do jump rope for my cardio. I was an absolute sweaty mess. Great calorie burn and I am always sore the next day!
    Again, thank you for all you do. As a mother of 2 as well, I know it CANNOT be easy; and hearing Esme during the workout is so cute. I say, “We hear you, Esme, cheering us on!” hahahaha

  5. Anonymous

    Love these longer workouts! But also like the flexibility of pairing shorter workouts together! Keep up the great work, you are inspiring!

  6. Kayla Ault

    Question, I have been doing these for almost a week now (this day 7 makes a week), although I am huge sweaty mess afterwards, I don’t seem to be very sore if at all the next day. My caloric burn is decent during the workouts and it does get ignited and I burn massive amounts all day. So I don’t know if my Garmin watch is right in my caloric burn only because I am not sore the next day? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong if anything?

    • benderfitness

      That’s completely fine! I almost never get sore from a workout (maybe once or twice per year). As long as you feel like you are putting in hard work and are feeling challenged you are in the right zone.

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