6-Month Home Workout Challenge: Week 15 #BFBodyFit

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Welcome to our workout schedule for the week! You can find the individual workout breakdowns and full length workout videos below.

We have a well rounded workout week, with a bonus focus on building a stronger core. A stronger midsection supports every exercise you do. You core helps you maintain proper form, and protects your back during exercise.

Of course, we will still be getting in an amazing Total Body Workout, over the course of the week. Each exercise routine can be completed 1-3X. Choose your number of rounds based on how you feel, and your fitness goals. If you’re feeling extra motivated you can pair these workouts with 15-30 minutes of cardio of choice.

Always focus on using proper form, and modify the exercises as necessary. Sometimes, modifying is the best way to respect your body, and progress your strength and fitness. Remember, if it’s challenging for you that means you are working in the right intensity zone.

This week I also challenge you to add one healthy habit into your day. This can be meditation, eating more vegetables, staying hydrated, identifying three positive things about your day…the possibilities are endless. Share your healthy habit in the comments below, you never know who you might inspire to give it a try.

Enjoy this week’s workout schedule! You have done an amazing job making it to week 15!

Workout 1:

Side to Side Squat
Lunge & Lift – R
Lunge & Lift – L
Figure 4 Extension – R
Figure 4 Extension – L
Leg Lift to Warrior III- R
Leg Lift to Warrior III – L
Chair Squat Step (Alt.)
Curtsy Lunge Kick – Right
Curtsy Lunge Kick – Left
Side Plank Leg Lift – Right
Side Plank Leg Lift- Left
Twisting Single Leg Lift – Right 
Twisting Single Leg Lift- Left 
Knee Drop Plank
Hip Tap Plank
Down Dog Toe Touch – Alt.
Down Dog Heel Lift – Right
Down Dog Heel Lift – Left
Repeat Workout up to 3X.

Workout 2:

Between each exercise complete 30 second cardio burst: Jump Rope or High Knees. 
1. Rolling Situp
2. Split Leg Lift (right)
3. Split Leg Lift (left)
4. 1 Leg Tricep Squat (right)
5. 1 Leg Tricep Squat (left)
6. Side Lunge with Knee Cross (right)
7. Side Lunge with Knee Cross (left)
8. Clamp
9. Forward Fold Jump
10. Seated Twist Stretch
11. Side Tap Reverse Plank
12. Kneeling Side Bend
13. Chair Twist
14. Unicycle
15. Unicycle
Repeat 1-3X

Workout 3:

Part 1: Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 10 Rounds of 10/50 and a Jump Rope
1. Jump Rope
2. High Knees
3. Jumping Jack
4. Skier
5. Single Leg Hops (5 per leg, alternating)
6. Jump Rope
7. High Knees
8. Jumping Jack
9. Skier
10. Single Leg Hops (5 per leg, alternating)
Part 2: Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 10 Rounds of 10/50 and a Stability Ball.
1. Butt Pull
2. Thigh Squeeze
3. Single Hip Lift (right)
4. Single Hip Lift (left)
5. Superman Glute Lift
6. Back Extension
7. Prone Elbow Twist
8. Pike
9. Reaching Situps
10. Ball Pass
Part 3: Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 Rounds of 30/50 and a Chair or Bench.
-Squat/Lunge Jump
1. Warrior III (right)
-Squat/Lunge Jump
2. Warrior III (left)
-Squat/Lunge Jump
3. Hydrant (right)
-Squat/Lunge Jump
4. Hydrant (left)
-Squat/Lunge Jump
5. Alternating Pistol Squat Hop (*Check the post above for modification)
-High Knees
6. Angel Abs
-High Knees
7. Side Plank Reach (right)
-High Knees
8. Side Plank Reach (left)
-High Knees
9. Down Dog Hop (right)
-High Knees
10. Down Dog Hop (left)
11. Plank Walkout
12. Dips
13. Decline Spiderman
14. Side Plank Back Reach (right)
15. Side Plank Back Reach (left)
Be sure to Cool Down and finish with some gentle stretching. 

Workout 4:

1. Squating Toe Touch Twist
2. Leg Sweep (right)
3. Leg Sweep (left)
4. Goddess Squat Reach Through
5. Wall Sit Cross Leg Kick (right)
6. Wall Sit Cross Leg Kick (left)
7. Chair Twist
8. Double Elbow Tap Squat (right)
9. Double Elbow Tap Squat (left)
10. Forward Fold Reach
Repeat 1-3X
hOptional: Pair with 30 Minutes of Cardio

Workout 5:

Set your interval timer for 16 Rounds of 10/50.
Or complete this workout for Reps:
Beginner-10 Reps per Exercise
Intermediate: 15 Reps per Exercise
Advanced: 20 Reps per Exercise
Repeat 1-3X
High Knees
Pushup to Lunge (alternating)
Jumping Jacks
Dead Bug Situp
Surfer Burpee
Leg Raise/Hip Lift
Mountain Climber
Lunge Kick-Right
Lunge Kick-Left
Supergirl Pushups (or Plank)
Tuck Jump
Kick Back-Right
Kick Back-Left
Pendulum Squat
Wood Chopper-Right
Wood Chopper-Left
Optional: Pair with 15-30 Minutes of Cardio

Workout 6:

Set Your Interval Timer for 5 Rounds of 10/50 for the Warm Up and Cool Down. For the Workout Set your Timer for 10 Rounds of 10/50. For the Cardio Set Your Timer for 6 Rounds of 10/50.
Warm Up:
Ropeless Jumping
Jumping Jacks
Alternating Lunge with Knee Drive
Side Squat with Shoulder Stretch
Core Section:
Side Plank Hip Drop-Right
Side Plank Hip Drop-Left
Super Swim
Table Pose
Heel Tap Leg Lift
Elbow Tap Side Plank-Right
Elbow Tap Side Plank-Left
Supergirl Pushup
Temple Tap Abs
Plyo Cardio Fat Burn:
Jump Squat
Lunge Jump
Mountain Climbers
Frog Hopper
Cool Down:
Jumping Jacks
Forward Kicks March
Butt Kick March
Quad Stretch-Right
Quad Stretch-Left

Workout 7: Active Rest Day

4 thoughts on “6-Month Home Workout Challenge: Week 15 #BFBodyFit

  1. K-C

    I need help. I know you get 100’s of these e-mails, but I’m just hoping you’ll read and reply to mine.
    I’ve been working out for easily 20yrs. Over the last 4-5 I have barely missed a day, including Holidays (today is Easter and I’m in my basement gym). Nothing I’ve done, short of only eating 2x’s a day, has trimmed my midsection.
    I’ve tried multiple diets and over 200 workout plans/programs. I really need help. Please.

    • benderfitness

      It sounds like your training is on point. HIIt is one of the best techniques for building lean muscle and burning fat at the same time.

      I’m not a fan of super restrictive diets. I like the anti-inflammatory diet, which focuses on foods that reduce inflammation in the body (very similar to Mediterranean diet ideas).

      It’s impossible to spot train, but having a stronger core, can help improve visible muscle development and is functionally very important for your overall health. I hope that helps.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi K-C
    I know you want Melissa’s response, but I understand your struggles. Here is some things I have learnt, you probably know it all .
    * we can not fat reduce in spots, its all over fat loss. Everybody holds onto fat differently. Knowing, understanding and appreciating your body is paramount (that is one major reason Benderfitness is the best, it is a practices in balance)
    *Nutrition and our natural hormones are responsible for 85% of our physique, . exercise 15%.
    here is a helpful link

    *remember youth is mobility, stay strong and be proud of your commitment to your health.

  3. Jessica

    Hello! I can relate to your struggle. I just turned 39 this week and in all honestly what I found to work is combining these workouts which I swear by as well as a program called Stronger U. It’s a nutrition based program where your coach gives you set macros for the week. You track for the week, check in with your coach at least 1x a week (or every day if you want) give feedback and they do the adjusting to meet your goals. You don’t have to. After 4 kids I finally have abs for the first time in my life and I’m not starving or working out all day. Honestly, no joke. Check it out. Hope this helps. Good luck
    bender fitness rocks!!!!

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