Total Body LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training) Bodyweight Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout.

This workout routine is a LIIT (low impact interval training) workout. Don’t let the words Low Impact fool you. This is a great Total Body Workout, that will strengthen and sculpt your muscles.

This routine can easily be adapted into a higher intensity, plyometric routine. I love adaptable workouts, because it lets you work to your personal level. If you want a higher intensity workout you can do High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Jump Rope, Jump Squats, or another high intensity option for the 30-second cardio intervals.

Jump Rope is a great cardio burst option, when you want to amp up the intensity of your workout.

Challenge yourself to get in Maximum Repetitions for each exercise, without sacrificing form. You can go through this workout once, or repeat it up to 3X.

Remember, that for the best results you should pair your workouts with healthy meal choices. Keep on making healthy choices this week, and tag me in your check-in posts. I love to see you doing BenderFitness workouts.

Let me know what you think of this workout, and if you have any favorite moves. I really liked the Hip Tip Heel Press, because I liked feeling my lower abs activate. Try to have fun with this routine!

Thanks for working out with me!

❤ Melissa

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Set your interval timer for 15 Rounds of 30/50.

1. Warrior Stretch/Heel Lift-Right
2. Warrior Stretch/Heel Lift-Left
3. Supergirl Push-ups
4. Side Plank Squeeze- Right
5. Side Plank Squeeze- Left
6. Kneeling Warrior – Right
7. Kneeling Warrior – Left
8. Hydrant – Right
9. Hydrant – Left
10. Hydrant Heel Press -Right
11. Hydrant Heel Press -Left
12. Plank Crunch
13. Hip Tip Heel Press
14. Down Dog Core Series – Right
15. Down Dog Core Series -Left

Repeat up to 3X.

Warrior Stretch Heel Lift: Part 1

Warrior Stretch Heel Lift: Part 2

Supergirl Push-ups

Supergirl Push-Up: Part 2

Side Plank Squeeze: Part 1

Side Plank Squeeze: Part 2

Kneeling Warrior: Part 1

Kneeling Warrior: Part 2

Hydrant: Part 1

Hydrant: Part 2

Hydrant Heel Press

Plank Crunch: Part 1

Plank Crunch: Part 2

Hip Tip Heel Press: Part 1

Hip Tip Heel Press: Part 2

Hip Tip Heel Press: Part 2

Hip Tip Heel Press: Part 3

Down Dog Core Series: Part 1

Down Dog Core Series: Part 2

Down Dog Core Series: Part 3

Down Dog Core Series: Part 4

Down Dog Core Series: Part 5



13 thoughts on “Total Body LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training) Bodyweight Workout

  1. Elizabeth

    Melissa! Loved the workout. So glad you are back at it. Did low intensity and still sweated a bunch.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Estelle

    Hi Melissa,
    So good to begin the week with you
    I did it 3 times and it was perfect.
    Thank you very much.
    See you tomorow

  3. Jillian

    Hi Melissa

    I did this one twice I’m pooped! My favorite was the hip tip because it was low impact but I could definitely feel my lower abs working! Thanks for the workout!

  4. Chelsey

    Where did you get those workout capri’s??? Those are adorable! We actually have the same running shoes and they match so well with the capri’s you have on. 🙂
    Thank you again for the workout!

  5. Amy Smith

    Melissa, thank you so much for the workouts! I was diagnosed with breast cancer last Christmas. (Ladies, my annual mammogram saved my life). I had a bilateral mastectomy. Today, I starting to workout again. Your workouts are awesome. I can adjust all moves to accommodate my muscle fitness level. You are always encouraging. I have tears as I write this. You have know idea how wonderful it feels to have my old friend (that’s you!) back to workout with me in my basement.
    May your Thanksgiving and Christmas season be full of blessings. Thanks again

    • benderfitness

      I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment (I am just seeing it now).

      I am so happy that you are doing better, and back to working out with us! Stronger every day. <3

      I hope you are having a wonderful new year, filled with health and happiness.

      <3 Melissa

  6. Sara

    I loved this workout. I did a mixture of cardio in this workout. I did Burpees, planks, and high knees. Thank you for all your amazing workouts.

  7. Gloria Faulkner

    Loved it ❤️
    Had to stop twice to see my toddler peed in the potty and kiss a boo-boo.
    Thank you for your wonderful workouts

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