Core & Fat Burning Plyo Workout: 26-Minute Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! Today’s workout includes a warm-up and cool-down built into the workout. The entire workout will take 26-Minutes.

As always, push yourself for max reps during the workout portion of the exercises. Focus on maintaining good form. Form and intensity will make a difference in your results. Good form ensures that you are utilizing the appropriate muscles. Intensity helps you build lean muscle, while burning fat.

If you need to modify an exercise that’s totally fine! Where there is a will there’s a way. Listen to your body. As long as you find the workout challenging you are getting benefits from the exercises.

Maverick is feeling better so I took him for a walk.

I mentioned in my last post that my son has been sick. Last month was really rough on our family’s health. Maverick and I were sick twice, and Jesse was sick once. Overall our household was sick for an entire month. Maverick still has a stuffy nose (and so do I), but he is on the mend. Last night I finally got some rest. I have felt like a zombie for the last week, because I become virtually nonfunctioning without appropriate amounts of sleep. I was drinking copious amounts of coffee, and still feeling tired all day long.

I teach my jogging class today, so I will be getting in about a 4-mile running workout with my students. Do you like when I post break downs of our running workouts? We have been doing a different workout/type of run each week in my class. This was the last running workout breakdown I posted: VO2 Max Running Workout: Fat Burning & Speed Building Workout.

My Half Marathon is in one month, and I feel very unprepared. I know that I can last through the whole distance, but I think it’s going to be challenging this time around. I really need to stay on track (and healthy!!!) this month so I can maintain my running schedule.

Also, don’t forget your Burpees today! Today is Day 12 of the #30BurpeeChallenge.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout! Let me know what you think!

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Set Your Interval Timer for 5 Rounds of 10/50 for the Warm Up and Cool Down. For the Workout Set your Timer for 10 Rounds of 10/50. For the Cardio Set Your Timer for 6 Rounds of 10/50.

Warm Up:

  1. Ropeless Jumping
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Jog
  4. Alternating Lunge with Knee Drive
  5. Side Squat with Shoulder Stretch

Core Section:

  1. X-Squeeze
  2. Side Plank Hip Drop-Right
  3. Side Plank Hip Drop-Left
  4. Super Swim
  5. Table Pose
  6. Heel Tap Leg Lift
  7. Elbow Tap Side Plank-Right
  8. Elbow Tap Side Plank-Left
  9. Supergirl Pushup
  10. Temple Tap Abs

Plyo Cardio Fat Burn:

  1. Jump Squat
  2. Lunge Jump
  3. Burpee
  4. Mountain Climbers
  5. Surfer
  6. Frog Hopper

Cool Down:

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Forward Kicks March
  3. Butt Kick March
  4. Quad Stretch-Right
  5. Quad Stretch-Left

7 thoughts on “Core & Fat Burning Plyo Workout: 26-Minute Home Workout

  1. Katie

    I started the 30 burpee challenge today. I am normally challenged by 50 seconds of burpees during your workouts, so I am really hoping to push myself​ and become stronger with this challenge. It was definitely a struggle to do all 30 this morning, but I did it!!!!

  2. Naomi Gonzalez

    Loved it!
    I did 1 round b cuz i am doing boot camp tonight!

    Really liked the warm up and cool down!
    Its more convenient for me like this

  3. Violet Marie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I really enjoyed this workout, I really felt myslef being able to push very hard, first workout I really felt like my strong self again since I started working out agian after a long few months off. I REALLY like the break down like this…when Warmup, workout and cooldown are all in one place I actually get in a warmup and cool down 😉 Thanks Melissa! Your blog has literally changed my life! I would have never continued to workout if my friend had never shared your workouts with me….I have lost a total of 50lbs and continue to keep it off anf burn more, Thank You Thank You <3 sending love and good vibes to your family! xx

  4. Heather Poletti

    A great drink is two whole lemons with skin placed in a blender with4 cups of water, 1/2 tablespoon of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon honey. Blend in a blender and then strain through a fine mesh strainer and sip on throughout the day. You could also put an orange in for added sweetness. This is much better for you than coffee. Another drink for adrenal support is two whole lemons with 4 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of olive oil blender together and put through a strainer.

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