VO2 Max Running Workout: Fat Burning & Speed Building Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Are you ready to get in an awesome run that will improve your speed and fitness level while burning fat? Perfect! I have a fantastic VO2 Max workout for you today!

What is a VO2 Max Workout? I’m so glad you asked! Your VO2 Max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can utilize during very high intensity exercise. Your VO2 Max (the amount of oxygen your body consumes) can improve as you build lung strength and your fitness level.

A VO2 Max Running Workout means running very fast (think of your goal race pace, and go faster than that!) for shorter time periods. This improves your speed and leg turn over, and prepares your body for running at the desired race pace. You are working at a very high level of effort. On a ten point scale where 10 is maximum effort a VO2 Max workout should be about a 9/10.

Today’s workout is a VO2 Max workout completed interval style. It will give you a fantastic burn. It’s a great physical challenge. Whether your goal is fitness or improved running speed this workout will help you.

You can complete this workout outside, or on a treadmill. If you run on a treadmill I recommend always putting the treadmill incline up to at least 2. This will help simulate outdoor running, and protect your back during treadmill runs. The design of the treadmill causes many people to arch their backs, especially if you run closer to the front of the treadmill. The incline will help you maintain your form, which will make indoor running easier on your back and knees.

With a VO2 Max workout I recommend doing an extended warm-up to make sure your body is properly prepped for your workout. After the VO2 Max section, do an extended cool down. Today’s workout should take approximately 30 Minutes total.

I have provided two workout variations below. These are the two options that I gave the students in my jogging class when they completed this workout. Remember, your sprints should be a high intensity/high level of effort. The level of effort, and the variation in your heart rate during the recovery time is part of what makes this workout so effective. Always listen to your body, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself during the workout.

You can modify these workouts for any level. You can make the workout shorter or longer. It’s very important to learn how to listen to your body during your workouts.

*For the hill sprint workout, I gave my students the option to do between 5-10 hill sprints so they could adjust the workout to their own level. If you are an advanced runner start your next sprint as soon as you jog back to your starting place. If you are still building your runs you can walk or jog back to the starting place, wait for your heart rate to return to normal and then do the next sprint. 

One way to modify your workouts (running or HIIT) is to change the length of your rest/recovery. As long as you are challenging yourself you are working at an appropriate level.

The Workouts:
Both Workouts can be completed Outdoors or on a Treadmill.

Workout 1: Hill Sprints:

Warm-Up: Run at an easy pace for 10-Minutes or until you are properly warmed up.

Complete Ten 30-second hill sprints. Jog or walk back to your starting place in between each hill sprint.

Cool-Down: Run at an easy pace for 10-Minutes.

Workout 2: Timed Sprints: Set Your Interval Timer for 10 Rounds of 30/30.

Warm-Up: Run at an easy pace for 10-Minutes or until you are properly warmed up.

Complete Ten 30-second sprints, followed by 30-seconds of recovery at an easy pace. Repeat the 30-seconds hard/30-seconds easy 10X consecutively.

Cool-Down: Run at an easy pace for 10-Minutes.

*I did Workout #2 when I completed this workout. I varied my pace between a 9.0 Speed and a 7.0 Speed during the interval section of the workout. 

Did you try the workout? Let us know what you think! Leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “VO2 Max Running Workout: Fat Burning & Speed Building Workout

  1. Stephanie coffey

    Hi. What do you increase your treadmill incline to for the hill sprints I am presuming level 2 is for your resting run. Great tip I never knew that. ❤

    • benderfitness

      I increase it as high as my treadmill goes (I believe it maxes out at 10). You can vary it and build up. 🙂

      You are absolutely correct that level 2 is for your resting run.

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