15-Minute Total Body Home Workout with Cardio Fat Burn

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Hi Everyone!

Are you ready for today’s workout? This routine is a great Fat Burning, Total Body Sculpting Workout. It’s challenge, and will get you sweaty. I taught this routine in my jogging class a cross training workout day.

This workout is designed to prevent muscular imbalances, challenge your cardiovascular system and improve your endurance. I did two rounds with my class the first time I went through this workout. When I filmed this workout I went through it once. I found it challenging both times, but definitely liked the increased challenge of going for two consecutive rounds.

As always, be sure to warm-up before your workout, and cool down afterward.

Warning: My son decides to practice every dragon yell he knows, so you may want to turn down the volume & follow along with the exercise descriptions at the bottom of the screen. I provided a link to an alternate workout in the video for anyone who will find the dinosaur yells too distracting. I can try to create an alternate video with subtitles and sound removed, but I am not sure when I will have time to sit down and get that done. 

I have a list of new workouts I want to film and share with you, so that is what I want to focus on right now. Tomorrow I am starting my 30-Burpees for 15-Days challenge. If you want to join me you can follow along with me on Social Media. I find doing a daily check-in post very motivating, and it helps me stay on track. It also motivates me to see everyone else who is participating in the challenge, so please tag me in your photos!

I hope you enjoy today’s workout! Let me know what you think!

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Interval Timer: Buy a Gymboss now. 

Set your Timer for 12 Rounds of 30/50.
30 Seconds of Cardio Before Each Exercise.

  1. In/Out Jump
  2. Single Leg Hip Thrust-Right
  3. Single Leg Hip Thrust-Left
  4. Warrior III-Right
  5. Warrior III-Left
  6. Burpee
  7. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  8. Angle Abs
  9. Side Plank Hip Drop-Right
  10. Side Plank Hip Drop-Left
  11. Temple Tap Abs
  12. Frogger

Repeat 1-3X

10 thoughts on “15-Minute Total Body Home Workout with Cardio Fat Burn

  1. Anonymous

    hi Melissa I love your workouts! I have been doing them and crossfit for several years now…. Just had a quick question.. I am 13 wks pregnant, would you suggest not doing the angel abs, temple tap abs for me? and what about the side plank move? and If so any suggestions as to what i can do as a core exercise for a substitute? Thanks for all your time…

    • benderfitness

      After the first Trimester I would avoid exercises where you are lying on your back, as well as twisting movements like angel and temple tap abs.
      You can definitely continue side planks on both sides, and Reverse planks. Pelvic tilts against the wall are fantastic, as well as engaging your core/transverse abs.

      These are links to some of the workouts I filmed while I was pregnant: https://www.benderfitness.com/category/fit-pregnancy

  2. I find Maverick’s dragon yell so very hilarious. I love it. It does not bother me at all. I’m totally fine as long as I can hear the beeping every 30 or 50 seconds and see what move is coming up next. Thank you as always for your great workout. I was quite happy today as I managed to do the angel abs without dropping my feet for the entire 50 seconds. Yay.

  3. Erin

    The baby sounds were my favorite part of the workout! I actually miss all the years I worked out with kids underfoot and pushed them in a stroller while they screamed and fought. It goes by in a flash. Thanks for all you guys do!!

  4. Nicole from Sydney

    Together with your little dragon and my lot in the background made for such a funny work out, Thanks keeping it real Team Bender!

  5. Camille from France

    If it can help you feel better, I also did the workout with my almost 9-month baby girl by my side, and she started screaming like a baby dragon at the same time as yours!! I guess warrior deadlifts look funny for them.

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