Quick Core HIIT Workout: 15-Minute Ab Challenge

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! Today’s workout is a quick Core HIIT workout. I found this workout challenging, and I really felt a bonus burn in my arms and shoulders. Every other exercise in today’s workout is Mountain Climbers. If that becomes too intense for you switch to High Knees, Jump Rope or an alternate cardio of choice.

Note: The last workout I posted was a Core Workout. I wasn’t able to get online to update the Cardio workouts, so if you already did Core you can substitute this workout instead: Kicking Cardio Fat Blast

For the past two days I had Cardio days. I have one month until my Half Marathon. I am also focusing on Foam Rolling to help prevent any injuries. Due to being sick almost all of March I am not where I would like to be with my training. My focus is on getting in healthy miles, without overdoing it.

I have noticed some tightness in my left IT Band, so I am trying to really work that out after every workout. I also got new running shoes. I will have a chance to break them in before race day. You never want to try out new shoes or clothing the day of a race. This is especially true for longer distances where chaffing can be a big problem.

Burpee: Part 1

I am still getting in my 30-Burpees per day for the #30BurpeeChallenge. I feel stronger and my endurance has improved since starting the challenge. I also like the accountability of the challenge. Even if it’s late at night I make sure to get my Burpees in.

Today I teach my Jogging class. It’s our cross training day so we are going to do a Tabata workout that incorporates full body exercises and sprints. I will be filming the workout to share with you, but will most likely modify the sprinting section to jump rope or high knees. We don’t have enough room in our house for sprinting.

Do you want to see more High Intensity Workouts, Low Impact Workouts? Is there something you would like to have added into the BenderFitness repertoire? If so let me know in the comments below.  If your comment doesn’t show up immediately don’t worry. I will approve it. Our spam filter stopped working, so it is taking me a long time to go through and approve comments. I will get to them though! I love reading your feedback.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout! Let me know what you think!

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Equipment: Buy a Gymboss now. Gymboss Interval Timer set for 10 Rounds of 30/50

-Mountain Climbers
1. Supergirl Pushups
-Mountain Climbers
2. Cross Bicycle (right)
-Mountain Climbers
3. Cross Bicycle (left)
-Mountain Climbers
4. Plank Jack
-Mountain Climbers
5. Angel Abs
-Mountain Climbers
6. Boat V-Lift
-Mountain Climbers
7. Temple Tap Abs
-Mountain Climbers
8. Side Plank Front Kick (right)
-Mountain Climbers
9. Side Plank Front Kick (left)
-Mountain Climbers
*50 Second Cool Down

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30 Minutes of Cardio.


19 thoughts on “Quick Core HIIT Workout: 15-Minute Ab Challenge

  1. Tracy

    I love the short and effective workouts! Would love to see the tabata workout you did at your jogging class. Thanks for always changing it up and keeping things fun!

  2. Claire

    Hi Melissa,

    Awesome website with so many workouts, informative articles, challenges, recipes and content! Your workouts are wonderful and you are such a great instructor. You and Jesse do such an excellent job with all of the workouts, filming, working jobs and the amazing job of raising a child.

    You look amazing by the way!

    I love the high intensity workouts that you do as well as all of the different other workouts that you have.

    I also love that you have HIIT workouts that are 20 mins, 15 mins and 12 mins. The ones with 30/50 are some of my favourites. Some 10 mins ones would also be great to pair with other workouts.

    You do such a great job with all that you do and with raising a son, and providing fitness for the world.


  3. Bonnie

    Can’t wait to try this one, it looks great! I really love the variety of your workouts. I have a system where I do whatever new workout you’ve posted (keeps me accountable with switching it up and working areas I struggle more with, i.e. lower body) and when you don’t have a new one posted, I have fun choosing from my favorites or tailoring my workout to how I’m feeling/time available. Have been working with you since October, am proud to say my progress has been slow but steady, challenging yet enjoyable…and my mental and physical health are better than ever! Life is good! So grateful!

  4. Alison

    I love all your workouts I would love to see more with weights. I like lifting weights. It makes feeling stronger. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Melody

    I was actually looking for some workouts with exercise/resistance bands. The ones that are a loop(not with handles). I love all your HIITs and their intensity. I’m wondering if you have done any with exercise bands or incorporated them. Thank you!

  6. Lindsey Christopher

    I already mentioned this on your Instagram, but a video on building up to a handstand! My upper body is my weak area.

  7. Emily O'Brien

    Hi Melissa! I’ve been working out with you for 4 years now, but this is my first comment! Thanks for sharing such high quality and CHALLENGING workouts! They have made my transition to working as a night shift nurse easier, and I’m sure I’m stronger for it! My husband joins in sometimes, too! I love your HIIT workouts (this one killed me!). Since you’re asking for ideas, I’d love to see more yoga fusion workouts in the future. Also, I’m not sure if this would be too difficult considering the large number of workouts you’ve posted, but could you create a category for non-HIIT workouts/workouts filmed for reps? This would be helpful for when I don’t have the energy for a HIIT workout but would still love to get a solid strength workout in. Thank you again!!

  8. Tammy Loos

    I would love to see more strength with the Cardio bursts in them those are my favorites. there is an 18 min one I have saved and your 10 min cardio burst I love at the end of a workout if I need it. Thank you! I look for your posts every day.

  9. Eve Dunkel

    Melissa, I love all of your workouts! They are helping me stay fit and build strength to run better. Most often 1 time through one of your workouts is a lot for me, but I want to push myself. Do you typically do multiple rounds of each workout and add additional exercise throughout the day? Could you include how many times you made it through your workout in your description? Thank you so much for doing what you do, and best of luck on the half marathon!!

  10. I’d like to see something that I could do late at night without disturbing my neighbors in the apartment. Something quiet but still super challenging. That would be really nice. Thank you, Melissa.

    By the way I did this workout last night. Your core strength is crazy strong!

  11. Johna

    Hi Melissa, I’ve been doing your workouts off and on since 2013 I think. I love, love all the variety. I’m a runner coming back from injuries. I was sidelined for almost 2 years and really couldn’t do much of anything. I’ve been back to running for about 6 months now. My biggest challenge is which workouts would best compliment my running schedule. I would like to see a workout schedule for runners. Not necessarily a training plan but just ideas on which one of your workouts would be paired best with a run and which ones are best on non running days. I run typically 3 days a week and strength train in between. I’m 52 years old so I can’t kill myself anymore jumping around. I always appreciate when you show a lower impact option for jump moves. Thank you so much for offering FREE workouts and I love that you do the workouts with us instead of spraying on sweat to look like your working hard. You really are working hard. I’m happy to say that at 52 most the time I can keep up with you! Pre-injury I was getting really strong with your workouts. I’m still building my strength back. I got injured training for a half marathon. I overtrained and really messed my legs up. Good for you for knowing not to train too hard right now. This is my first time in all these years to post something.

    • benderfitness

      I can absolutely do that! Jesse has filmed several running specific workouts, and I have done several runner’s stretching workouts. I will put them together. 🙂

      Thanks for the support and working out with us!

  12. Angie

    Melissa, this was a great workout! I did it after one of your 30min full body workouts and my 30 burped……sweating so much but feel amazing! Thank you for keeping us all moving!

  13. Nicole from Sydney

    Ok so I needed a HIIT core workout to pair with my run later today and didn’t I get smashed on this one. Shoulders and core on fire, thank you… those 3 special words “last 10 seconds” are like music to my ears! Cheers

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