Muffin Top Meltdown: Body Weight Exercises to Burn Fat & Strengthen Your Core

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Hi Everyone,

Are you ready for Day 3 of my Original 30-Day Workout Challenge? Today’s workout combines exercises to strengthen your core, and maximize fat burning at the same time. Although this is a core focused workout, this program utilizes compound exercises so you are still training your entire body. The video is below.

This is the workout I will be doing today. I have a head cold, so I am hoping that the exercise will help clear things out so that I can breath again! Having a stuffy nose is so annoying!

Yesterday I did Day 1 and Day 2 of the 30-Day workout Challenge. I did one round of each, and it really helped with my energy. I am excited to do this challenge along with you and share my results. I have been having trouble getting in my workouts consistently, but the challenge is helping me to stay on track. I have to admit I did yell at myself for including so many three-way froggers on day one! That exercise burned!

Maverick likes to watch me workout.

I am also doing my daily stretching, because flexibility is something I really need to work on again. The photos below show the daily stretches I am doing to work on my flexibility for splits again. I have a full workout video, which you can choose to do daily as well:

Before stretching make sure your muscles are warm. I have been doing these stretches after my workouts. If I am doing it separately I make sure to warm-up my muscles first with some high knees, jumping jacks, or a Plie series. You never want to stretch your muscles while they are cold.


Runners Lunge with Stretch Back
Nose to Knee

Pigeon Fold

Cow Pose
Cat Pose

Center Split

Check in here or on facebook, twitter, and instagram to let me know if you got in your #15minutesperday of exercise or more! Seeing all of your comments and check-ins is helping to keep me motivated too.


PS You can find me on Social Media: @BenderFitness and on Facebook: @MelissaBenderFitness and Jesse is on Instagram: @BenderCrosby1 

PPS If you want to help support BenderFitness so we can get a new camera & new equipment & make our site more sustainable your donation is greatly appreciated:

30 Second Cardio, 50 Second Max Reps

1. Cross Mountain Climber
2. Elbow Tap Hip Lift (right)
3. Elbow Tap Hip Lift (left)
4. 3-Way Froggers
5. Cross Squat and Reach (right)
6. Cross Squat and Reach (left)
7. Oblique Push-up
8. Lunge and Twist (right)
9. Lunge and Twist (left)
10. Side Plank Knee and Lift (right)
11. Side Plank Knee and Lift (left)
12. Goddess Twist
13. Russians
14. Side Plank Reach Through (right)
15. Side Plank Reach Through (left)

Repeat 1-3X

13 thoughts on “Muffin Top Meltdown: Body Weight Exercises to Burn Fat & Strengthen Your Core

  1. Muffin top workoutwas intense for me. Did it twice and am proud that I was able to finish it strong. My core and back is my focus this new year. Thanks!

    • benderfitness

      Awesome job!!! Kudos for making it through two rounds and feeling strong! You can definitely achieve your goals for the year. 🙂

  2. lauri aubrey

    Melissa, I donate money each month, and in doing that, I need more consistent and NEW workouts from you. I don’t want to sound mean, but, that’s what I expect out of it thanks

    • benderfitness

      I understand your frustration. New workouts are coming! We have had house guests for almost two weeks now, and it has been impossible to film new workouts at home.

      I will be posting early workout access in Patreon. Our plan is to film a workout today. 🙂 Thanks for your support!

  3. Krista

    Your workouts are always awesome and I’m not sure how you get it all done with that cute little guy around! Thank so much for everything you do!

  4. Lauren

    I just discovered your workouts and as a busy l, working mom of two young girls- this is perfect!!! Thank you for putting your work out there for us to enjoy

  5. Kate

    I donate too, but I feel like I owe you for all the free workouts I have gotten from you for the past three years, before you began your Patreon account! There are so many workouts and challenges here, I think I could workout just using your existing content and never get bored for a couple years! The Lean Muscle Building challenge is prolly my fave, but I am excited to jump in on the original one now. Thanks for all you do, Mama!

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