Postpartum & Beyond: Week 3: Workout Day 18: Interval Cardio Fat Burn

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Hi Everyone!

Today is an Interval Cardio Day. That means today you are going to work hard, and get sweaty! Are you ready?

Week 3: 

  1. Rest Day
  2. Lower Body-Butt Sculpt Workout + 30-Minutes of Easy Cardio
  3. Core Sculpt (The New Core Workout is Posted) + Moderate Intensity Cardio
  4. Interval Cardio- That’s Today!
  5. Arms/Upper Body + Easy Cardio
  6. Rest Day
  7. Full Body Workout + Easy Cardio

I have a few workout options today. My plan is to get in an interval run. I am also posting a Treadmill Option, HIIT workout option & a HIIT + Track Workout option. Be sure to scroll down and check out the different workout options.

Interval workout should be tough, so don’t be afraid to push! Let me know how you feel, and what option you chose for an interval workout! I will update this post and let you know which one I end up doing. My plan is to do an interval run.


Treadmill Option: 


Treadmill Workout Breakdown. ***This workout ranges from a 12 min/mile pace to a 6:40 min/mile pace, you increase by .5 on the treadmill each minute. You can adjust this workout for your own level to make it faster or slower. You can even adjust the length of the intervals, so that you start out doing 30 seconds at each pace, and build up to 60 seconds. Adjust the speeds to your level.***


HIIT + Track VO2 Max Workout:

vo2 burpee

-High Knees (1 Minute)
Jump Rope (or invisible jump rope) (2 Minutes)
-Run (3 Minutes-Harder than race pace)
-Burpees (2 Minutes)
-Mountain Climbers (1 Minute)
-Run (3 Minutes: Harder than race pace)
-Jump Rope (2 Minutes)
-High Knees (1 Minute)
-Run (3 Minutes: Harder than race pace)

Finish with a Cool Down



Bodyweight HIIT Interval Workout:

Buy a Gymboss now. 10/50: 10 Seconds Rest, 50 Seconds Max Reps

1. High Knees
2. Jump Squat
3. Russian Kicks
4. Frogger
5. Mountain Climbers
6. Toe Tap High Knees
7. Side Lunge Jump
8. Lunge Kick (right)
9. Lunge Kick (left)
10. Surfer
11. Mountain Runner
12. Plie Jump
13. Burpee
14. Lunge Jump
15. High Knees

Repeat 1-3X


7 thoughts on “Postpartum & Beyond: Week 3: Workout Day 18: Interval Cardio Fat Burn

  1. Sunnyshine89

    Hi Melissa thanks for all your hard work !!!! I did 20-MINUTE CARDIO HIIT & SWEAT: WORKOUT TO BURN FAT & SCULPT LEAN MUSCLES: METABOLISM BOOSTER! And today’s body weight interval workout and with my new polar watch I burned 500 calories in 36 mins in zone time and a bunch more for the after burn Thanks Bender Family

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