Treadmill Workout Breakdown

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I planned on filming a video, but Jesse had to go over to his brother’s house so I switched up my plan, and did a treadmill workout instead. 

I alternated my speed throughout the workout. I went through this twice, so my running time was 40 minutes. I also did a 5 minute cool down, walking on the treadmill after completing this workout. 

This workout ranges from a 12 min/mile pace to a 6:40 min/mile pace, you increase by .5 on the treadmill each minute. You can adjust this workout for your own level to make it faster or slower. You can even adjust the length of the intervals, so that you start out doing 30 seconds at each pace, and build up to 60 seconds. 

The chart below shows the breakdown that I used.   

Treadmill Workout 

I filmed a new workout today, so that will be posted shortly! As with any workout, be sure that you are working to your own level. Going faster than your body can handle will not benefit you. The best path is to slowly build up your level of endurance. As long as you are working at your bodies optimal level you are getting great benefits and increasing your level of fitness. 

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Treadmill Workout Breakdown

  1. Hi! I love your videos and I am a runner myself, learning to be persistant 😉 I want to become faster instead of having a consistant pace. I’ll use this training too! About shoes: currently I’m running on my Mizuno’s they’re great! I have neutral feet when I run. Before it seemed I was pronating and I got myself some asics for that, which gave me al sorts of complaints. It’s really good to have someone look at the way you run! Thanks again!!

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