Postpartum & Beyond: Week 2: Workout 12: Rest Day or Easy Cardio

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Good Morning Everyone!

It is Day 12 of our 6-Week Workout Challenge. Today is a Rest Day or an Easy Cardio Day. For easy cardio don’t do anything to get your heart rate up high. Easy means exactly what it says. You should be able to chat and not be out of breath. The goal is to get your blood flowing, but allow your muscles time to heal from the work you have put in so far this week.

We have a tough workout scheduled for tomorrow. So get ready to get sweaty, and enjoy your easy day! I posted two videos below: a simple stretch, and a recovery yoga flow.

Our Schedule for This Week:

1. Lower Body Workout + 30 Minutes of Easy Paced Cardio
2. Core Sculpt Workout + Moderate Intensity Cardio
3. Interval Cardio
4. Arms/Upper Body + Easy Cardio
5. Rest or Easy Cardio Day
6. Full Body Workout + Walk
7. Rest Day

Today I am taking Maverick to a Botanical Garden that has a few miles of trails. We are going with my mom, and it will be a nice active rest day. If I have time I might do a live yoga flow on my Facebook page (@MelissaBenderFitness). We shall see how the day plays out!




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