Postpartum & Beyond: Week 2: Workout 10: Interval Cardio

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Hi Everyone!

It’s Day 10 of my 6-Week Workout Challenge.

Today is a Cardio Day. Get ready to sweat, because it’s an interval Cardio Day. That means we are going to be working at a high intensity.

For the Runners. Check out: Track or Treadmill Workout for Faster Running Paces. This is basically the workout I am doing today, but with recovery (easy pace) laps on the track between each hard interval. This can also be adapted for running, by completing one hard speed walking lap on a track, alternated with a comfortable walking pace.

The HIIT video option is posted below.

There are many ways to do an interval workout. The basic concept is the same one we use in most of my workout videos: high intensity work, paired with easy or resting periods in between. I talk about some options for your cardio in the video. You can jump rope, run, walk, swim, cycle: whatever feels best to you. Make this program your own, so it’s something you enjoy, that you know you are doing to improve your health.

As I mentioned in the video, I am also aiming to get in around 15,000 steps today (including the run!)

Have fun with today’s workout and let me know how you feel!

Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 rounds of 10/50

1. Jump Rope (or Ropeless Jumping)
2. Squat Jump
3. Tuck Jump Burpee
4. Bridge Hopper (right)
5. Bridge Hopper (left)
6. Frogger
7. Warrior Lunge Jump
8. Speed Skater
9. Mountain Hopper
10. Tap & Punch Squat Jump
11. High Knees Burpee
12. Down Dog Hop
13. Wide Leg Frogger
14. Lunge Jump
15. Russian Kicks

Repeat 1-3X


6 thoughts on “Postpartum & Beyond: Week 2: Workout 10: Interval Cardio

  1. Kaja

    Hi Melissa,

    first of all I want to thank you so much for doing this for all of us. I have been following you a couple of years now. I just had my second baby and I just started to workout again. Slowly. And I do have a question regarding your postnatal exercises. I have noticed that you started to workout really strong. I have done quite a research of how to start working out after having a baby and since I had one after another I wanted to be even more careful about how to take care about my pelvic floor, abdominals etc.. I noticed quite a few trainers that suggest a very careful exercise, no running, jumping, plyometric exercises, high intensitivity training and so. How do you feel about that? I know that you have a very awesome background since training so hard before Maverick but such intense running and jumping in just 6 weeks after birth? How do I know when I (my pelvic floor and other internal organs) am ready for more intense workouts?

    Thank you for your answer and lots of hugs from over the sea (Slovenia, Europe).


    • benderfitness

      Hi Kaja,

      It’s definitely a process of listening to your body. You can definitely modify for the lower impact versions of the plyometric exercises (IE normal squat instead of jump squat, etc). For pelvic floor, you should never have any urinary leakage, that is a sign of weakness. Also, I recommend incorporating my diastasis recti exercises video to strengthen the core from the inside out to help support your organs.

      I was able to workout the whole 40+ weeks that I was pregnant, which definitely helped me to return to training at a higher level. I also have many low impact, and standing workouts, which can be great to incorporate as you build strength again.

      It’s great that you are in tune with your body, and focused on your health. Keep listening to the signals of your body, and you will progress wonderfully. Congratulations on your second baby!

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