Fit & Healthy DietBet Challenge: Workout 5: 30-Minute Yoga Flow & Stretch with Bonus Split Stretch Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 5 of my Fit & Healthy New Year & DietBet Challenge! I hope that you are feeling great. We had an intense workout yesterday, 20 Minute Full Body Workout: Boot Camp HIIT-No Equipment-200 Calories Per Round.

If you still want to join the DietBet Challenge it’s not to late. There is over $7000 in the Jackpot right now, and the money will be split by all of the winners who hit their weight loss goal. You can join until 14-Days into the challenge, however, the earlier you join the easier it is to hit your goal! You can join here:

Today we are slowing it down and stretching out our muscles. Fitness requires strength and flexibility. It will help prevent injury, maintain proper biomechanics and improve your overall level of fitness. I have two videos below, a 30-Minute Yoga Flow & Stretch and my Stretches to Improve Flexibility for Splits video. Working on flexibility for splits can help relieve back and sciatic pain. Remember, with Yoga and Stretching, you don’t want to bounce into any of the movements, or force any of the poses. Wherever your body is today is perfect. With practice you will become more flexible.

These workouts can be paired with 30-Minutes of gentle cardio. The goal is to move, but also take some active rest and recovery today. Have fun! We have a good workout for you tomorrow!


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Dynamic Leg Swings

1. Forward Fold
2. Runner’s Lunge (right)
3. Nose to Knee (right)
4. Runner’s Lunge (left)
5. Nose to Knee (left)
6. Pigeon (right)
7. Pigeon Fold (right)
8. Pigeon Stretch (right)
9. Pigeon (left)
10. Pigeon Fold (left)
11. Pigeon Stretch (left)
12. Down Dog
13. Cat/Cow
14. Leg Wall Stretch (right)
15. Leg Wall Stretch (left)
16. Saddle Wall Stretch
17. Split (right)
18. Split (left)
19. Split (center) 

Leg Swings
Forward Fold
Runners Lunge with Stretch Back
Nose to Knee
Pigeon Fold
Pigeon Stretch
Down Dog
Cow Pose
Cat Pose
Leg Wall Stretch (right)
Saddle Wall Stretch
Center Split


4 thoughts on “Fit & Healthy DietBet Challenge: Workout 5: 30-Minute Yoga Flow & Stretch with Bonus Split Stretch Workout

  1. Kell

    Good leg stretch sequence…. I would also advise those new to this kind of stretching, that yes you will get more flexible than you are, but also that you may never achieve full splits, sometimes hip bones get in the way… Paul Grilley (Yin Yoga – Anatomy for Bones) has some good advice on bone versus muscle which is very informative… I personally will never achieve say, full seated butterfly due to the construction of my hip bones.

  2. Hailee

    Hi Melissa,

    This is one of my favorite yoga flows of yours. The poses in the beginning give me a great stretch and the balancing in it feels great. If you could incorporate more things from this flow in future yoga flows I think that would be amazing.


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